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How to: Fold a Picnic Blanket

June 16, 2010

Next week our bible study group is planning on having a summer picnic.  Naturally, the event planner in my head is swarming with ideas for fun summer picnic ideas from games, to food, to decor.

I went for a gander at good ‘ol Martha Stewart and found a really unqiue project that totally had me swooning…

This is just your ordinary picnic blanket folded into a picnic basket!  How perfect is that?!

Come to the park with your picnic blanket and basket all in one.  Set aside the food and un ravel your basket to reveal a picnic blanket.

The unfortunate down side?

I found Martha Stewart‘s tutorial to be rather confusing, so I looked up a video on how to fold a box out of paper and it was pretty much dead on.


Don’t forget to check out Martha’s amazing 60 Days of Summer ideas.

Oh, and happy summer!!


Inspired by: Summer Eats

June 1, 2009

Sorry about the late posting today.  I’ve been quite a busy bee!


I don’t know about you, but one of my most favorite things about summer is the fruit, melons, and berries.  I love the taste of perfectly ripe strawberry, and juicy watermelon, a scooped out cantelope with vanila icecream…yum!

One of the major frustrations I have with summer eats are their short lives.  I’m always having a hard time keeping my summer eats fresh and I’m sure a few of you are too.  So here are some tips to keeping your fruits, melons, berries and a few others fresher, longer.

1. But fruit that is not yet ripe and let it ripen at home.

2. Wash all your fruit when you get home from the grocery store.  “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” This is especially true of grapes and berries.

3.  Don’t seperate your bananas from the bunch.  Let them ripen at room temperature together.

4. Citrus, Melons, and Tropical Fruit should be stored at room temperature.

5.  Put apples in a brown bag and place in the crisper.  The crisper keeps moisture in.

6. Put berries in brown bags and store them in the fridge.  Remember to pick out the bad ones first.

7. Store tomatoes on the counter, steam down and away from the sunshine.  If you put the tomatoe in the fridge, it looses it’s flavor.

Now, go get some Summer Eats!

Coming Soon: DIY Table Runner

May 18, 2009

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see what I did with the left over fabric from the chairs… See you then!DSC_1054

DIY: Recovering Chairs

May 18, 2009

Happy Monday Readers!

Here’s a tutorial and a sneak peak at a little “before and after” from this weekend.  

Crisa and I found this awesome fabric at JOANN’s.  As you may notice, the seats are shaped rather oddly so we had to improvise with the foam, but overall, I think they turned out pretty well.  


DSC_0967DSC_0972What was really neat was that in the process of removing the foam we found these tags that date this chair back to the 1920’s!



DSC_0990DSC_0986What a fun, and pretty cheap way to revamp your old chairs. Here’s the how to:

Step 1 – Measure out the width of the seat, length, (desired) height of the seat, and number of chairs

Step 2 – Take your measurements to the nearest JOANN’s and pick our your fabric

Step 3 – Explain your project and leave it to the professionals to help you with the correct yardage.

Step 4 – Measure out and cut the foam (with a serrated knife)

Step 5 – OPTIONAL – we glued our foam to the seat

Step 6 – Lay out the fabric (wrong side up) and center the foam/seat over the pattern.

Step 7 – Depending on the height of your foam measure out the “circumference” of the fabric needed to cover the chair. Allow for about 3 inches extra for stapling

Step 8 – Cut out the fabric

Step 9 – Begin in one side, fold the fabric up and over the foam to the underside of the seat (the wrong side of the fabric and the bottom of the seat should be touching).

Step 10 – Pull taunt and place your first staple about 2 inches in from the edge

Step 11 – Go directly across from your first staple and pull taunt.  Place a second staple about two inches in from the edge.

Step 12 – Go across to one of the other unfinished sides, pull taunt, and place your third staple.

Step 13 – Go directly across from the third staple, pull taunt, and place your forth staple.

Step 14 – Repeat around the seat leaving the four corners unfinished with about 3 inches of fabric on either side of the corner.

Step 15 – Begin to gather the fabric in the corners much like you would if you were to wrap a present.  Or create small pleats on either side towards the corner (there should be about four pleats per side).

Step 16 – Staple each side and corner.

Step 17 – Flip over and screw the seat back on to the chair frame.

Step 18 – Done.

Get Inspired!

how do you tie that scarf?

January 14, 2009

I’ve been home sick the last two days and haven’t been blogging, so I thought I’d leave two blogs for you to check out. This one is inspired by my friend Bree.  She recently transfered to the school I work at and has been coming to school looking very cute, everyday (but what else is new).  I noticed that on cold days she was always wearing a scarf.  But here’s the thing, the scarf laid perfectly flat against her, wasn’t bulky or too skinny; just right.  And to top it off, it was hung around her neck in a way I’d never seen before.  After three days of staring at her scarf I finally asked, “Bree, how do you tie that scarf?” She laughed and then showed me the following steps:

1. Fold scarf in half and drape over your neck.

step 12. Grab the loop side.

step 23. Grab ONE of the fringed or un-looped pieces and pull through the loop.

img_22364. Take up the loop again.

img_22405. Twist the loop around once.

img_22396. Stick your hand through the bottom of the loop and grab the OTHER fringed or un-looped piece.

img_22417. Pull through.

img_22428. Fluff and pull to your hearts delight until it looks suitable to you.

img_22519. Look cute and Enjoy! Photoshoot anyone?


Thanks Chonky!

Curly not Burly

June 28, 2008

Ok, let’s talk hair. I was in the shower today and I started thinking about hair. I’m not bragging, but I constantly get asked, “how do you do your hair like that?” I thought you know, I should blog about it because I’m sure there are tons of other people out there you struggled like I did with a many poof their whole lives and never had a remedy for it. 

I used to hate my curly hair and I ALWAYS straightened it in high school. But as I’ve grown I’ve found that having curly hair is pretty awesome. My remedy for having curly hair may seem extensive, but trust me it saves tons of time in the end. 

Starting with the Shower, I learned from my hairdresser to alternate shampoos and conditioners about every week or two. Our hair, just like the rest of our body, builds up an immunity to the products you put in it (frequency of use also has a part in it) so it’s a good idea to change it up every once in a while. I alternate between Herbal Essences Totally Twisted & Garnei Fructis Curl & Shine. Your hairdresser will “poo poo” you, but it’s a lot cheaper than the stuff their selling you.

I shampoo with about the amount that they say to use, but I load on the conditioner (I have very dry hair). I also let it sit for about 3 minutes in my hair before washing it out. It’s like a mini mask for your hair and allows all the moisture to soak back in. 

After I get out of the shower I grab a small towel and lightly towel dry my hair. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: when you have curly hair, it is vital that you do not rub your hair with the towel to dry it. Rather, tip your head to the side and scrunch it dry with a towel. Before it is “towel dry” make sure to put some of this amazing product in your hair.

Spray this somewhat generously over your hair but do not soak it. Then continue to scrunch. What I love about this product is that it’s not like mousse and won’t make your hair crunchy or wet looking. You’ll begin to see your hair curling up now but again, before it’s dry put some of this in your hair.

This, along with the previous product, changed my life.  This is a great product because the consistency is very creamy but it works like those wax based products our hairdressers use and we covet so much. You can turn your head upright now. Find your natural part or make a part and fix your bangs. If you like the sweepy kind, go ahead and brush them out. Otherwise continue on. 

Using your pointer finger of your dominant hand, begin twisting your hair. Pull your finger out and leave the twisted curl in place. The curl re-activator holds the curl in place. It may look a little weird but you will see as it begins to dry that the curl softens. Also, as it dries it is completely okay to lightly fluff your hair to detach some of the curls that are clinging together.  Just not ruffle it or it will get frizzy. 

This next product stands up to its name. John Frieda’s stuff can be on the pricy side, but totally worth it.I keep this product in my purse and apply it throughout the day or when I decide to change my hair style from down to up. It really gets those fly-aways and smoothes out my hair. 

For a finishing touch, I apply this hair spray. What I like most about it is that it allows my style to be flexible without being frizzy or my curls losing shape.

Like I said, I know this sounds like a lot but it’s worth it and in all honesty, once it becomes a routine it will take you at MOST (including the shower), twenty to thirty minutes. And, the best part of all, your curl will last about two to three days with minimal alterations. AMAZING. So, if you really think about it, you’re not spending much because you only have to wash your hair two or three times a week. More time for make up and your hubby/roommates will love the extra bathroom time too!