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Romantic Neutrals

February 25, 2010


I’m all finished with my finals.  No homework for a whole 5 days! And to celebrate I might just have to head over to Anthropolgie so I can drool over their new Romantic Collection.

I’m completely in love.  Does that make me a bad person?

Check out more of my favorites over at AnthroLove.


An Anthro Day in London Town

October 29, 2009

Good Afternoon Ya’ll!  I’m posting late today, but I promise it’s worth it.

My beloved Anthropologie launched their first store in London.  Many were skeptical of the store actually being a hit because of all the Anthro-type stores already in existence in London.  I personally think that Anthropologie couldn’t have done a better job trying to stand out while still totally capturing the essence of London. 

And now, I just have an even better excuse to go out there.

Check out these gorgeous photos:


Okay, see all those beautiful sacs tied ever so nicely to those strings?  Look closer…


Yep!  Those are tea-bags, my friend.  Awesome!


Um, excuse me and hello!  Anthropologie is amazing.

Happy Thursday!

Etsy Find: Maisy Brown

October 21, 2009

I’m not even sure what it was that I was googling, but I’m so thankful I was!  While a-googling, I happened upon Maisy Brown on Etsy.  Her clothing is so fabulous!  I’m not sure where I would be able to wear any of these amazing pieces to, but they sure are beautiful to look at:


Get inspired!

BrickaBrack the Bag

October 6, 2009

Hello All!

Do you remember my amazing friend Justin who created those to-die-for leather pieces for Chris and Amber’s engagement shoot? Well, to thank me for blogging about him, he made me a brickabrack bag!  I am totally floored by its amazingness.

Check it out!

DIY_Belt 050DIY_Belt 049DIY_Belt 051

So, if you weren’t convinced before, be convinced now!  Write him a message on facebook and get your custom piece today.

Christmas is only 11 weeks away.

Get inspired!

Anthro Find on the Cheap

September 10, 2009

Hello Readers!

I hope you all are having a glorious Thursday, seeing as though it’s almost Friday and for that matter, almost  fall! In the spirit of fall, I had to buy a scarf; especially when I saw this one at Charlotte Russe:


Which closely resembled this scarf from Anthro, last season:

$Can’t remember, but I know it was expensive


Yeah, me.

Foto Friday…

August 7, 2009

Happy Friday Readers!

I wanted to share with you two photos that inspired me today.  I’m loving the color palate for both of these and I’m especially loving that outfit.  Maybe I’ll be doing a project like this first photo in our new place!


Via Decor8


Via OnceWed

Get inspired!

Oh Joy & DwellStudio Contest

June 24, 2009

Two weeks ago, Oh Joy! posted a contest with DwellStudio.  You had to pick one of the dwell items, your favorite article of clothing and pair them up.  Then Joy would select her favorite.  I, of course, took it a step further and created a Polyvore with my favorite bedding set from dwell and an entire outfit.  Mine was not picked as the winner, but I thought I’d share it with you to enjoy:

Dwell Studio Outfit by nataleelpz featuring Anthropologie shoes

Dwell Studio Outfit