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GIVEAWAY: Chalkboard Frame

June 23, 2010

That’s right, readers!  I’m launching our first GIVEAWAY!

You all have been so supportive of my endeavors and I wanted to do a little something to say, “THANKS!”

Back in February I was asked by Cathe to do a guest post over at the Virtue site. (if you haven’t added it to your reader, you should). I was sick and wasn’t able to make the shoot, but I was so anxious to see how the photos and project turned out. My post went up yesterday and I was so thrilled with the result!

So, today I’m giving away my project!

If you’d like to add this fun chalkboard picture frame to your lovely home, here’s how to enter:

1) Leave a comment below.
2) Make sure to include your name and email address so I can contact you if you win.
2) Please only comment once — multiple entries will not be counted.
3) Contest closes on Thursday at 8:00 am PST — that’s a WHOLE 24 hours, peeps!
4) The winner will be announced by 12:00 pm PST on Thursday.

Good luck.



Women of the Well Craft Day

June 22, 2010

This past weekend I had the privilege of doing a step-by-step DIY for the Women of the Well craft/cooking day. 

The girls really loved getting creative with the projects.  Adding tape here and there to create unique designs on the glass.

I even showed the girls some other fun projects you can do with the chalkboard paint.  Here’s how to cover up an ugly lumber yard logo with the paint.  Now you have a repurposed and custom mug to give as a gift for keep for yourself.

It was such a blast — Thanks girls!

Happy Tuesday!

How to: Fold a Picnic Blanket

June 16, 2010

Next week our bible study group is planning on having a summer picnic.  Naturally, the event planner in my head is swarming with ideas for fun summer picnic ideas from games, to food, to decor.

I went for a gander at good ‘ol Martha Stewart and found a really unqiue project that totally had me swooning…

This is just your ordinary picnic blanket folded into a picnic basket!  How perfect is that?!

Come to the park with your picnic blanket and basket all in one.  Set aside the food and un ravel your basket to reveal a picnic blanket.

The unfortunate down side?

I found Martha Stewart‘s tutorial to be rather confusing, so I looked up a video on how to fold a box out of paper and it was pretty much dead on.


Don’t forget to check out Martha’s amazing 60 Days of Summer ideas.

Oh, and happy summer!!

Oh La La

June 15, 2010


Have you seen the new “Oh la la” collection at Shabby Apple?  It’s absolutely to-die-for!  


How adorable would any of these dresses be for a rehearsal dinner? Or how about a French themed Bachelorette party?! 

Bonjour!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

A night out with my girls, red lipstick, french pastries, and a cute dress?! Count me in! 

Heureux Tuesday, Amis! 


Found: Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

June 8, 2010

Hello Readers!

I had an overwhelming amount of views on my post about the vintage cake topper I found (over 400!), so I thought I would do some research for you all to find some vintage cake toppers. 

Here are some that I’ve found on trusty Etsy:





Happy Hunting!!

Foto Friday

May 21, 2010

This week’s photo is brought to you by Ester Coombs. Ester is an amazingly talented designer and a girl after my own heart — the unique pieces that she makes are created from second/thrift store finds! She then does her drawings right on to the dishes to create really beautiful pieces, like those seen above.

You absolutely must check out her shop and her blog.

Happy Friday!

4 Ways Artist’s Loft

May 5, 2010

Is it Wednesday, already?! Wow.

Today’s post is inspired by a little living room project I’ve been working on with my dear friend Crisa.  She’s looking to re-do her living room and wanted an artist’s loft look, with an Anthropologie twist.  So of course, my mind exploded.  I was completely inspired. 

Here’s the only catch.  She wanted to use this table:


And this couch cover:

So I went to work!  I took into account her personality and style to create four looks for her using the above elements:Cool Tones Living Room
Cool Tones Living Room by nataleelpz on

Earth Tone Living Room
Earth Tone Living Room by nataleelpz on
Industrial Living Room
Industrial Living Room by nataleelpz on
Art Deco Living Room
Art Deco Living Room by nataleelpz on

I’m falling in love with Polyvore all over again.  This project was so much fun and I would recommend that anyone who is looking to redesign a room use it.  But you may run into the same problem as me…

You might like them all!

Happy Wednesday.


April 30, 2010

A former co-worker and current friend of mine, Candice (the amazing) sent me an email with the following message:

Subject: This will change your world


And let me tell you, my world is changed for the better.  This amazing, fashionable, and completely custom-styling clothing estore is fabulous.  Seriously.


Pick anything, anything you want and have custom sizing (for a small fee — about $15 for some changes). Change the neckline, length, pretty much anything about the dress, shirt, pants, or whatever you buy for a small fee and get this…

They ship in 3-5 days!

I’m completely hooked.  Check it out!

DIY: Paper Flowers

April 15, 2010

Happy Thursday, Readers!  I hope you’ve enjoyed your week thus far.

My friend Amy went to New York this past New Year’s Eve and saw these paper flowers. She uploaded and tagged me as them on Facebook, demanding that I make them.

So here’s my version:

I’ve seen quite a few tutorials out there, but most of them require a punch of some kind or some other special tool.  I’m going to show you how to make these paper flowers with pretty much common household items.


1 old book or newspaper

1 pair of scissors

1 pencil

Elmer’s glue or any other stick glue

Some pipe cleaners


Tear out a page from an old book or grab a sheet of newspaper.  Fold the bottom right corner towards the left side of the page, you should form a right triangle.

Cut off the excess and un-fold.

You now have a square.  Fold the paper in half down the middle.

Fold again. Now you have a smaller square.

Grab your triangular crease and fold. Then grab the tip of the side where all the folds meet.

Cut out the shape of your flower petals.  Remember not to completely cut off the folds.

Unfold the entire thing.  You should have a pretty good flower shape.

Cut off one of the petals.

Now, here’s where it gets a little confusing to pay close attention.  Let’s call the petal to the right of the cut, Petal A and the left one, Petal B.

Put some glue on Petal B.  Place Petal A on top of petal B.

Press and let dry.

Cut out a few more flowers.  At least three more to be exact.  Once you unfold the next flower, cut off two petals instead of just one.

Place the glue on Petal B, and place Petal A over petal B.  Press and let dry.

Continue to cut one more petal off each time until you have at least four flowers in varying sizes.

Take up a pencil and begin to use it by rolling the ends of the petals from the back.  This creates a nice curling effect.

Repeat on all the flowers.

Next cut the tips on the backs of all the flowers.  This is where you will thread the pipe cleaner stem.

Begin layering the flowers on top of another.  Starting with the largest flower, dab some glue and place the next smallest flower inside.

Continue layering until you are out of mini flowers. You can also use your scrap pieces to make the center bits by folding them back with the pencil and rolling them into submission.

Take up your pipe cleaner.  Ball up one of the ends to make a knob.  If you need, you can twist two pipe cleaners together and then knob them at one end.  This will serve as your anchor in the center of the flower.

Pull the pipe cleaner through all the way to the knob.  It should be taunt and given that you didn’t make your holes too big, it should hold pretty well.

And you’re done!

These flowers have so many uses.  You can put them in a vase, make them a cute cake topper, a boutonniere, bouquet, headband… you name it!  You can also paint them like in the first picture above. The possibilities for inspiration are endless with these.

Here are some of the others Jonna, Marie, and I made.

Have a great rest of your day!

The Anderson’s

March 23, 2010

One unique piece I found on our thrfiting adventure this weekend was a framed cross-stitch.  I didn’t share it with you earlier, because I purchased it as a gift for a friend.  She should have it now, so I can share this fun piece with you!

“The Anderson’s Try Our Famous Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich”

Don’t you just love the type? So fun.

Friend and designer Jessica Anderson, this one’s for you!

Happy Tuesday!