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Don’t Forget!

July 1, 2010

We’ve moved!

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Thanks, guys and gals!!


Women of the Well Craft Day

June 22, 2010

This past weekend I had the privilege of doing a step-by-step DIY for the Women of the Well craft/cooking day. 

The girls really loved getting creative with the projects.  Adding tape here and there to create unique designs on the glass.

I even showed the girls some other fun projects you can do with the chalkboard paint.  Here’s how to cover up an ugly lumber yard logo with the paint.  Now you have a repurposed and custom mug to give as a gift for keep for yourself.

It was such a blast — Thanks girls!

Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Recap in Pictures

June 21, 2010

This past weekend was full of so many fun and creative adventures, I didn’t want it to end!

Thursday and Friday, we celebrated Alex’s brother’s birthday.  Thursday night we went to Houston’s.  It is an amazing eatery with American style food.  Amber and I shared a veggie burger and it was the best veggie burger I have ever had in my life.  You must try this restaurant out!

Alex and I got Chris a gift card, but we wanted to make it a little special.  I printed out the template for the bow tie gift boxes from Paper Crave, and put his gift card inside.  It was extremely easy and really fun to make.

{paper crave gift box}

Friday night, we went out to Memphis — another great restaurant.  Then we went to see Toy Story 3.  It was fantastic and I loved it!

Saturday morning, I was hating life.  I woke up sooooo early!  But I was like a little jumping bean when I arrived at the flower market.  So many flowers! Creswell, Caitlyn and I went crazy buying tons and tons of flowers.

{photo by alex creswell}

Then I went straight from the flower market to a craft day with some of the girls from my church.  Tiffany, one of the sweet women I work with, invited me to do a craft for their Women of the Well bible study.  I had done this particular craft back in February for the Virtue blog at Harvest — it should be posted in the next month or so, and Tiffany wanted me to do it again for their girls.

{women of the well craft/cooking day}

Sunday was Father’s Day — you all knew that though, right?

We went to my Dad’s church, The Well in Oak Valley.  It was a great service and a good time of worship with close family and friends.  We then got to hang out with Alex’s parents for the evening and enjoyed long conversations and good food.

I also enjoyed making cards using some Martha Stewart clip art to make cards for both my dad and Alex’s dad.

{father’s day cards}

So, that was my fun, creative, crafting weekend!  I hope you had just as much fun as I did!

Happy Monday!

Weekend Recap in Pictures

June 14, 2010

This weekend was full of food, relaxing, and some minor work. The hubs and I really took advantage of a weekend with no plans and pretty much did whatever we wanted. Alex, Jonna and I drove from Brea, to Newport, and back to Riverside all on Friday night, just for the fun of it!

{kean’s coffee in newport}

Saturday we met Alex’s family for Breakfast at Mimi’s.  Buttermilk spice muffins are a huge weakness of mine.

{buttermilk spice muffin}

Then we ditched our Saturday morning chores and sipped coffee at Borders, looking through magazines and planning out of future backyard, before heading back home for a day of relaxing.



Sunday we went to the grocery store, reorganized the fridge (always makes me feel better), worked on my paper for class, and made a curry chicken and sun-dried tomato dinner.

{restocked fridge}


Hope  you all had a great weekend too!

Happy Monday!!

An Interview with a Young Artist

June 9, 2010

Two weekends ago Alex and I made a trip to Arizona to visit his grandparents.  It was a blast! These two are so fun to hang out with.

We also met up with his uncle Tony and cousins.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed a trip to Canyon Lake.

We also stopped off for lunch in Tortilla flats at a funny little bar and grill that was papered with dollar bills and had saddle seats at the bar.

One thing I truly enjoyed about our time with talking with little Alyssa.

Alyssa loves photography and has a pretty good eye for it. So, I let her have a go with my camera and thought you all might enjoy some of her photos:

Me: Alyssa, how old are you?

Alyssa: 5.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Alyssa: A veterinarian. And I want to work at Safeway… like my mom and brother.

Me: What kind of veterinarian do you want to be?  A dog and cat vet or a farm animal vet?

Alyssa: Probably just dogs.

Me: Well, what about turtles and snakes and rats?


Me: What’s your favorite color?

Alyssa: Red.

Me: That’s Alex’s favorite color too.

Alyssa: It is?

Me: Yup.

Alyssa: Oh.

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen (wait, are there any guys that read this blog?)… hope you enjoyed our little chat with Alyssa and some of her work.

Cute ain’t she?

Happy Wednesday!!

Weekend Recap in Pictures

June 7, 2010

This weekend we celebrated my hubby’s birthday!

On Friday at Bible study we had a mexican themed dinner.  Justine brought sombreros for the birthday boys (Scot and Alex).


I made churros.

{churro balls}

Then I worked on some sewing projects for Crisa’s baby shower for little Airabelle, coming this August.

{ruffle hedgehog, onesie applique, ruffle headband}

Unfortunately, our poor Jack got into a little spat or something with another cat and needed to get a bit of a shave.


Happy Monday!!

Diana’s Graduation Dinner

June 3, 2010

Hello and Happy Thursday!

You may remember Diana’s graduation photos that I had the privilege of taking… whelp, this past Thursday we got to celebrate her graduation in style.  I booked the Cheesecake Factory, made a banner, set up some candle center pieces, had a custom cake, balloons, and a great time!

Congratulations Diana!  We’re all so proud and excited for what this next chapter in your life holds.  May God bless you through it all!!

Bake Date

June 2, 2010

Happy Wednesday!!

Last night Crisa and I got together while Alex was in class.  We were both craving her Red Velvet Cupcakes so we decided to make them last night!

First, we had a salad for dinner — we weren’t about to let a large dinner ruin the massive amount of cake we were going to make and then consume.

We revisted her recipe (and you can here), but made a few changes.

1.  We used half the red food coloring.  We’re actually looking into finding some all-natural food coloring and trying it out. So if you know of a place to get some, let me know in a comment below!

2.  We used heavy whipping cream to make the frosting instead of half-n-half, this time.  We both agree that it’s amazing and way better.

The cupcakes baked for exactly 20 minutes and were perfect.  They even sprung back when you poked them.

True bakery status.

They were sooooo good!  The frosting, the cake, the sprinkles, and as you can see in the last photos… the more frosting, the better.  Crisa even spread a bit more on as we were eating them.


Weekend Recap in Pictures

June 1, 2010

Happy Tuesday, Readers!!!

I hope you all had a blessed and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  I know we did.

{road trip to Arizona}

{new earring made by Alex’s Grandma}

{a look into the past}

{car salesmen}

{a young inspired artist at work}

{a look through the new Anthro catalog}

{it’s good to be home}

Have a great week!

Weekend Recap in Pictures

May 17, 2010

This weekend was chalk full of fun things — it completely made up for the past three weekends in bed.

Went to the thrift store with Candice (the amazing) and found some pretty interesting things…

(weird, creepy thrift store finds)

Went out to a fabulous dinner in Fullerton with great friends.  Met the owner/manager and chatted for a while.

(Angelo’s and Vinci’s)

Saw some monsters…

(the basement of Angelo’s and Vinci’s)

Went Back to the Future…

(fully remastered version)

Went to the fair with some other great friends…

(Escondido Fair)

Gave the dog his first bath in four weeks… about time.

(Boone in the bath)

Happy Monday!