Weekend Recap in Pictures

This weekend was full of food, relaxing, and some minor work. The hubs and I really took advantage of a weekend with no plans and pretty much did whatever we wanted. Alex, Jonna and I drove from Brea, to Newport, and back to Riverside all on Friday night, just for the fun of it!

{kean’s coffee in newport}

Saturday we met Alex’s family for Breakfast at Mimi’s.  Buttermilk spice muffins are a huge weakness of mine.

{buttermilk spice muffin}

Then we ditched our Saturday morning chores and sipped coffee at Borders, looking through magazines and planning out of future backyard, before heading back home for a day of relaxing.



Sunday we went to the grocery store, reorganized the fridge (always makes me feel better), worked on my paper for class, and made a curry chicken and sun-dried tomato dinner.

{restocked fridge}


Hope  you all had a great weekend too!

Happy Monday!!



One Response to “Weekend Recap in Pictures”

  1. Jonna Says:

    That Boone! He is so cute! I totally cleaned out my fridge on Saturday. Is it weird that I would occasionally wander back to it, just to look at how clean it was?

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