Bake Date

Happy Wednesday!!

Last night Crisa and I got together while Alex was in class.  We were both craving her Red Velvet Cupcakes so we decided to make them last night!

First, we had a salad for dinner — we weren’t about to let a large dinner ruin the massive amount of cake we were going to make and then consume.

We revisted her recipe (and you can here), but made a few changes.

1.  We used half the red food coloring.  We’re actually looking into finding some all-natural food coloring and trying it out. So if you know of a place to get some, let me know in a comment below!

2.  We used heavy whipping cream to make the frosting instead of half-n-half, this time.  We both agree that it’s amazing and way better.

The cupcakes baked for exactly 20 minutes and were perfect.  They even sprung back when you poked them.

True bakery status.

They were sooooo good!  The frosting, the cake, the sprinkles, and as you can see in the last photos… the more frosting, the better.  Crisa even spread a bit more on as we were eating them.



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