The Graduate

Meet Diana.

Diana went to school.

While in school, Diana found a passion for interior design.

So Diana studied.

and practiced.

Now, Diana is graduating.

And hopeful all that studying,

and practing,

will give Diana the confidence

to go for a job interview

and totally nail it!

I think she’s got the stuff.

Go get ’em, girl!


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4 Responses to “The Graduate”

  1. Jeanette Says:

    You go Gurl!

  2. Ope Says:

    Yeah you’re back!!!! I missed your posts last week. :D I think I should comment more often…Beautiful pictures and Congrats to the grad! You did it! I should have had you take my grad photos…Why is there a smily face at the bottom of this page?

  3. Alexander Lopez Says:

    Totally awesome narration and cute photos! Great job Leelo

  4. Diana’s Graduation Dinner « bricka brack Says:

    […] may remember Diana’s graduation photos that I had the privilege of taking… whelp, this past Thursday we got to celebrate her […]

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