I’ve Never… Been to the Huntington Library

Hello and Happy Monday!

This week’s “I’ve Never” is about a trip to the ever famous Huntington Library, ironically not located in Huntington Beach, CA nor a library. But never the less beautiful!

Creswell wanted to go there for her birthday with her girls.

It was such a blast and a beautiful day. All the beauty surrounding me with dear friends completely made my weekend.  If you’ve never been, then you must go as soon as possible. It’s fabulous. Just check out these photos for yourself.

There were beautiful gardens everywhere.

Welcome to the Rain Forest.

The main house was full of beautiful paints, artifacts and pretty spiral staircases.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the Huntington Library.  You really should go see it if you can.  Check back tomorrow for some fun photos from the day.


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3 Responses to “I’ve Never… Been to the Huntington Library”

  1. Jeanette Says:

    Joy. Bliss. Love it.

  2. Jonna Says:

    Yay! That was fun. People should have more birthday parties like that!

  3. kay ellen Says:

    Cool photos of the Huntington! I love that place~~everytime I have visited~~ I feel like I am on the east coast! Not in California!

    The tea house is great too!!


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