I’ve Never… Made Something Just for Me

Hello Readers,

This week’s “I’ve Never” stems from a conversation I had with a dear friend, Keleigh. Last week we got together and just chatted for an hour over sushi about life and being creative. She encouraged me in my rut to make something… just for me. It felt so freeing and I started to remember how much I love creating things.

I love you all so much, but it really felt so great to so something just for me. So, forgive me if I don’t turn this into a DIY for you or show you some of the steps. This project was just for me.

Happy Tuesday!!


5 Responses to “I’ve Never… Made Something Just for Me”

  1. Sara Beresford Says:

    OMG!!! Those are gorgeous!!!

  2. acreswell Says:

    oh man they turned out sooo good! how do the pattern and colors work with the rug?

    • Leelo Says:

      I was so happy with how the patterns turned out together! Thanks so much for helping me pick them. I just kind of winged it with cutting out the pattern and I haven’t put on the buttons yet.

      They don’t look so good next to the carpet, but they look AMAZING on the couch. I can’t wait for you to see them!

      I think we might move the rug somewhere or sell it and get a new one. We’re not really in love with it anymore.

  3. keleighlayton Says:

    good for you!!

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