Picnic in the Park with P&P

I told you last week about how Alex Creswell and I went thrift store shopping and that we ended it with a picnic.  Well, Alex (of Pipe & Pepper) posted about our pretty picnic and I thought I’d share some of her beautiful photos with you.

We grabbed stuff from our respective houses, added in a little of our thrift store shopping items, a splash of Trader Joe’s delectables, and went to Tenaja Falls, Temecula CA.  We worked together to style the picnic and then shot for a while.  It was just about sunset and the lighting was perfect.

After we finished shooting, we just sat and enjoyed the sunsets and all the goodies.  It was so nice to just catch up!

(all photos provided by Pipe & Pepper)

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5 Responses to “Picnic in the Park with P&P”

  1. Jonna Says:


  2. acreswell Says:

    so pretty sure some of those photos are yours. although there is really no way of knowing :). that was so much fun. i feel like we need to make this a tradition. with one change… bug repellant.

  3. noelle Says:

    did you eat it all??? strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar = best thing ever!

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