Friends & Cupcakes Part I

Good Morning, Readers!

Now, I know you don’t really need a play-by-play of SLO, because I’ve given you one plenty of times, but this trip was really special because Jonna Isaac, Alex Creswell and I did a lot of things that we haven’t done before on the way up to and while in SLO.  So, I’m excited to share some of our adventures with you.

Let’s start off with the gorgeous view we had going up to SLO.

The drive is already a beautiful one, so after the rain and with those stormy clouds, how could you not experience something spiritual?

Jonna and I pretty much hate Creswell for being able to live up here.

Now, let’s talk about this place…

This place is fabulous.  It’s so cute and yummy and beautiful and… HEAVENly.

I’m being completely serious.

I don’t think I’ve loved a bakery item this much… ever.

In the future, if you’re heading up to the 101, the little town of Los Olivos (off the 154) is completely worth stopping by.  The scenery is beautiful, the food is delightfully, and the staffers are so friendly.

Inside this sweet little wine tasting house (tons of which line the streets) is Enjoy Cupcakes.  The makers of the BEST cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life. However, due to their popularity, all the cupcakes were sold out by the time we got there.

But we did end up enjoying a walk around the beautiful town before continuing our trip.

The rest of the trip, I decided to leave the photography to the professional (a.k.a. Creswell), so as she posts photos from our weekend, I’ll be reposting and sharing some of my thoughts about our fun trip of thrifting, cupcakery, and friendship.

Happy Monday!


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4 Responses to “Friends & Cupcakes Part I”

  1. Alex Lopez Says:

    So now I’m 10X more jealous for not going but whatever. We’ll have to stop by there sometime so I can see that awesomeness in person. That logo is pretty stinking superb also – so creative! Lastly, cant wait to see these pages on the new site!

  2. Jonna Says:

    Woohoo! I had so much fun this weekend! Los Olivos was pretty sweet.

  3. Bree Says:

    i want cupcakes!

  4. megan Says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Looks like an amazingly rejuvinating road-trip.

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