Okay, if I’m being honest… I don’t get Valentine’s Day.  I used to like it when I was little but some time, over the years, Valentine’s Day has lost it’s luster.  I get sad thinking about the women who yearn for this day because it’s the one day their boyfriend or hubby goes out of their way to make sure that woman know how much they love them. 

I guess a woman who never goes a day thinking otherwise just can’t comprehend that.

Here’s my idea of Valentine’s Day: 

I’ve been thinking… maybe it’s not just about pouring all your love into one person for one day.  Maybe instead, it’s like Christmas or an Anniversary.  The day itself is only significant because it’s the day but it’s not as important as the idea behind it.  Valentine’s Day is another day to show love to one another, but with red and pink hearts.   We love and cherish our friends, family and our Lord everyday, but show it specifically on Christmas through the giving of presents.

The idea is to continue the school of thought behind Valentine’s Day throughout the year.  But remember it specifically on this day. 

So, with that being said… have I told you lately that I love you?

I do.


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2 Responses to “V-Day”

  1. Diana B Says:

    Awww I love you too!!! :D

  2. Justine Says:

    This is a good post. Eye opening to me. Im not gonna lie, I never got anything from a guy I liked on Valentines day until a few years back, so I always thought anyone who did had it made. But over the years I have seen the importance in showing God’s love to others on this day by giving treats, valentines, etc.
    And your right, a woman should know her man loves her by what he does throughout the year, not just on this day.

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