10 Common Thrift Store Finds

Thanks to the best history professor at CBU, Kenya Davis-Hayes, I have this great article from Apartment Therapy, “10 Common Thrift Store Finds and Ways to Use Them For DIY Projects” to share with you today.

Hello?  Could this article be any more… me?!

From dishes to sweaters, this article has tons of great ideas for thrift store items.  Check it out and get inspired!


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3 Responses to “10 Common Thrift Store Finds”

  1. mewhee2 Says:

    Thanks for sharing this article! I go to Apartment Therapy a lot (mostly for the Kitchn and Unpluggd) and I never came across this article. I have been going to thrift stores more often buying skirts, sweaters, dishes, and glassware for a home bar. Now whenever I need/want something, instead of purchasing it new I see if it’s at my local thrift store.

    • Leelo Says:

      I’m so glad you found this article so helpful! I went thrift store shopping this past weekend and actually saw some really neat bar-ware and thought of you!

      Hope your search is going well!

      • mewhee2 Says:

        Ha! That’s too funny. When I bought all that stuff the cashier looked at me funnily (then again I was buying snifters, shot glasses, a decanter, and a beer mug). She probably thought I was about to do some heavy drinking that weekend.
        As for the search, it’s going great – no complaining here!

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