D*S Jewlery Storage Idea

Did you all happen to catch the D*S DIY yesterday?  I did and I can’t stop thinking about it.  I’m totally inspired and keep thinking of all the other applications for such things.  Check it out:

You can pick yourself off the floor now.  It’s totally easy and cheap and I’m loving it.  And like I said… my head is spinning with ideas.

1.  Instead of a hat rack, how about making some bust of each member of your family.  In a row, mount them on the wall and hang hats, scarves and such on them. 

2.  Who says you have to stop at bust?  Why not do a fun animal silhouette like an owl, deer, or an elephant.

3. Do I hear wedding gift?  Make a silhouette of the bride and groom on a smaller scale with a tiny hook for their wedding rings.  The couple can mount them on either side of their bed or in the kitchen so they have a safe place to hang their rings.

So many, many possibilities.

Get inspired!


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One Response to “D*S Jewlery Storage Idea”

  1. acreswell Says:

    i liked that idea, too… except i was a little disappointed at the execution. it looks cheap… and the woman has a horn.

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