Two Year Anniversary: RECAP Part II

Goooooood Thursday Morning.

It’s a sunny, 68 here in Southern California.  Nothing but blue skies, blues skies, shinin’ on me.  I’m your host, Natalee Lopez and I’m here to bring you the second part of our Anniversary trip.  Let’s get started.

We woke up to the sound of the rain in the comfy down sheets of the Renaissance Hotel in San Francisco.  Finally, rolling out of bed we packed up and trekked about town. 

We stopped in to a local Starbucks and grabbed some breakfast and enjoyed the local Mom and Pop shops: Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie.

Then it was definitely time for some grub.  Fresh sushi anyone?

4 rolls and a miso soup later, it was time to walk that sushi off and head back to the hotel to make the rest of our journey.

Got got back in the car and that’s when Alex revealed we would be going to Napa Valley for the rest of our time.  I was so excited, especially while sporting my new scarf from Jonna and my head wrap from Amy and Whitney.

Driving through Napa in the rain is heavenly.  We even caught a rainbow through the storm.

Then we arrived at this amazingly beautiful hotel called the Bardessono.  Alex found it through an awesome site called Jetsetter.  Believe me, for the deal we got, you’re going to want to sign up.

The delightful staff heard it was our anniversary and brought up some champagne and goodies, along with a sweet note.  So thoughtful!

Every morning we had a complimentary breakfast in the clubhouse, which was no continental breakfast mind you!  A continental buffet, with scones and muffins, fresh fruit, yogurt, and orange juice.  Then you can order from their menu.  I got the pancakes with apple butter one day and then an amazing, fancy version of Eggs Benedict over arugula salad the next.  All included with your stay.

Did I mention the French Pressed African Coffee?

And the view?

Most of the days were pretty stormy so we stayed close to the hotel.  There are pools and spas, bike rentals, and a day spa so you can imagine why most wouldn’t travel far.  We stayed in a lot enjoying the fireplace and watching movies.

If you follow me on Facebook, you can see the video I posted about our amazing hotel room here.  I know, right?!

Coming Soon…

Part III:  Our Anniversary Dinner


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