Two Year Anniversary: RECAP Part I

Okay, okay… you’ve all been asking so here it goes! 

As you know Alex and I took a bit of a trip this past weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but my birthday is also really close so on Friday night our Bible Study group had a sweet little treat for me.  Cupcakes, a banner, presents, and my mom made chocolate pudding pie. 

On Saturday we woke up early and hiked Mt. Rubidoux with our Bible Study group and got pumped for our 5 hour road trip to Paso.  We went home, cleaned up, packed and were on our way. 

I’ve said it before, but Alex and I love road trips so it was such a great Anniversary trip.  We talked the whole way about the past two years and what our dreams and goals are.  It’s such a great feeling to remember why it is that you love you spouse. 

We arrived in Paso around 7:30 after a few stops in Bakersfield.  We were trying to find a Starbucks and when I typed it in, I was routed to the United Nations, 1 day and 20 hours away.  I’m not sure what that means, but we’ll discuss Starbucks’ World Domination at a later date.

My Aunt, Uncle, and two of my cousins had a feast prepared for us when we arrived.  Now, I’m not a huge red meat fan (much to the disapproval of my father) but my Uncle Paul’s steak was amazing,  Aunt Debbie’s roasted veggies were awesome, and dessert was to die for.  Needless to say, this road trip was already shaping up to be amazing.

We woke up around 9:30 am on Sunday to continue our trek to San Francisco (I was told not to call it San Fran by my cousin, so I’ll be proper).  We said goodbye to everyone and were on our way, but not before stopping at our favorite Paso Coffee Shop, Amsterdam Coffee.  I’ve blogged about this place before so I’ll spare you the drooling details, but never-the-less, it’s amazing.  Please go there sometime.

San Francisco was rainy, gloomy, and utterly wonderful.  I always get a little scared when we’re driving the stick shift up those crazy streets, but Alex is always as cool as a cucumber.  We arrived at our frist hotel in the city and it was beautiful.  The concierge upgraded us to a suite in which we enjoyed room service and a movie; all while the rain poured outside.  We also made a late night trip to a local store for some late night ice-cream.  Then it was off bed with the sounds of the cars splashing below in the rain like preschool children.

Check back tomorrow for Part II – San Francisco and Napa Valley.

Happy Tuesday!


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3 Responses to “Two Year Anniversary: RECAP Part I”

  1. Jessica Isaac Says:

    “I was routed to the United Nations, 1 day and 20 hours away. I’m not sure what that means, but we’ll discuss Starbucks’ World Domination at a later date.”

    hahaha. I thought this needed to be repeated.

  2. alesia marie Says:

    So wonderful! Congratulations on two years!!!

  3. kayellen Says:

    Happy Belated Anniversary~~looks like you two had a wonderful time:)

    So sweet:)


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