Merry Christmas: RECAP

Hello Readers!

I hope you received my tweets regarding the lack of internet in the cabin; or lack there of.  I’m hoping that some pictures of our trip and a few DIY projects we did to decorate our tree will brighten your day and my lack of posting.  Enjoy!

Debbie and I made pop corn string and threaded it with red beads.  Then I went into town to get felt and made the star on the top of the tree. I just took up the felt and cut out a star, then copied the same star on another piece of felt.  I put the two pieces together and sewed them with some stark red thread; making sure to leave one end open to fit on the top of the tree.

If you don’t know, Alex and I were privileged to spend our Christmas in Big Bear with the whole Lopez clan.  It was quite fun.  We built a snowman, held up in the cabin watching movies, and went into town.  It truly was a White Christmas!

Then when we got back, Alex and I had my family over for an after Christmas dinner and opened up presents. That was also such a blast!

Merry Christmas! From our family to yours!!


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One Response to “Merry Christmas: RECAP”

  1. Megan Says:

    SO jealous you guys got a White Christmas! Ahh! We were in Idaho and we didn’t even have snow! Haha. Sounds like such a fun time. Love you guys!

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