CAS Christmas Celebration 2009

Happy Monday Readers!

Remember my post about the College of Arts and Science’s Christmas Celebration last year? Whelp, we had to top ourselves, so here’s a look at the decor from this year.  Enjoy!

Let’s start with the fireplace…  I wanted the office to have a homey feel so I brought pillows and blankets.  Amy, Sarah and I drew and put up the “fireplace” for people to congregate.

Each of us had our own stocking, complete with name labels from the office label maker.

You may recognize this reindeer from last christmas at my house… Alex didn’t think it was very grown up so I brought it to work.  But not to worry, everyone in the office loves the reindeer, especially Amy.  

I cut out the “Merry Christmas” and then we placed them around the reindeer.  I cut out the little holly leaves and used them around the office.  I also set up tables and chairs around my office and people brought food to adorn it. 

Then for added flare we hung christmas bulbs from the ceiling at varying heights.  It’s nothing compared to the registrar’s office (if you ever get a chance to go there during the Christmas season, you should), but we worked with what we got.

Whelp, that’s it!  Merry Office Christmas… Love, Me!


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