Marie’s Room Makeover


Hello and Happy Friday! 

I know I promised you a post about Jeannemarie’s room this week so I’m here to deliver.  I took these photos with my iphone since the whole project was on a whim, but I hope you enjoy them none the less. 

Jeannemarie is entering a truly grown up phase in her life and wanted her room to be a reflection of that.  She painted her walls a light grey, bought a cute black couch, some curtains and framed some pictures.  She really wanted to make a picture collage over her bed and organize her room; here comes ME to the rescue.  We had such a blast putting the room together so I thought you might appreciate seeing this inspired room. 



Ain’t she cute?! 


Most of the photos on this wall were taken by Marie herself.  Others are just things that inspired her. 


This is her vanity.  Gorgeous, right?! 


And her cute little platform bed, complete with IKEA frame and monogrammed pillow.   


Hope you enjoyed our little peek into Marie’s world.  Check out her blog for fun photos and little poems by Marie, herself.


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4 Responses to “Marie’s Room Makeover”

  1. Justine Says:

    I have that IKEA frame in my room too! I love that thing!

  2. dearmarie Says:


  3. leelofaN Says:

    excuse my absence but life here is utterly consuming. with a good up of tea and enough battery life to follow your inspirations, i love when i have time to bring pieces of leelo into my lifestyle. this vintage-esque room is unbelievable. you really out did yourself this time!! jeannemarie is a lucky girl. i wish i could afford to have you decorate my room. I AM INSPIRED.

    • Leelo Says:

      You are so sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! Keep on the look out in the next couple weeks, I’m doing our first give-away!

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