A Small, Big Announcement

Okay, I know you’ve all been dying to hear what my big announcement is and I’m so excited to share it in full detail with you… on Monday!

But for now, I’ll give you a little background:

You all know my friend, Creswell.  She’s an amazingly talented photographer, great friend, and inspired person.  Well, did you know she also loves thrift store shopping, creating and repurposing? Well, she’s decided to put some of our skills to good use.  She’s adventured to starting an Etsy store and blog!  I can’t really give you all the details yet, but it’s been a project in the works since March of this year.  She’s so excited and having a blast finishing up the details for her big launch this Monday.  Keep an eye out if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook; and of course here!

Have a great weekend and get inspired!



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