Christmas Decorations Part III

On to the kitchen!  We haven’t done much to it, so it’s not much of a before an after, but here’s a few pictures anyway.



First of all, I apologize for the horrible lighting.  It was early this morning, but there wasn’t any light coming through the windows so I resorted to the nasty yellow lighting we have currently.  Anywho, about the decor.

We received a generous gift from my grandparents, a fridge.  I decorated it with fake poinsettia and pretty glass bottles I’ve collected from friends and family over the past two years.  

We purchased out little espresso bar storage unit from IKEA and felt it was the perfect place to make and serve coffee to our guests.  We love that the smell of coffee brewing in the morning wafts through the house.

I didn’t go with anything new as far as Christmas decorations on here, just used some of our old items and repurposed them. So, for fun… just check out the decor and get inspired to recreate and re-purpose:

I mirrored the hanging bulbs and beads from the living room here as well.  And I purchased that funny little tree from the a thrift store with Creswell.  And I made thos napkins for Amber’s shower.

And here’s a quick shot of the counter decor.  I want you to remember this, because we are saying. “good-bye” to these hideous countertops… someday.

Whelp, that’s it.  I have some uber exciting news to share with you either later today or tomorrow, but until then…

Happy Christmas and Get Inspired!


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