Spotted: That Thing You Do Dress

Do you all remember that amazing dress that Liv Tyler (Faye Dolan) wears to the award show in the 1996 hit, “That Thing You Do“?

I know I wasn’t the only on wishing that was me getting dolled up to go to an awards show where my totally awesome boyfriend’s band was playing (who turns out to be a jerk not many scenes later – but it’s okay because I get to make out with Guy Paterson at the end of the movie).

Anyway, what was I saying.  Oh yeah, so imagine my enthusiasm when I saw this piece from ModCloth.

A lovely tribute to these grey, satin, knockout of a dress.  I might need to purchase that last medium before someone else does.  Can you say New Year’s Eve party?


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One Response to “Spotted: That Thing You Do Dress”

  1. Jonna Says:

    Spot on! I love that movie and totally remember loving that dress too! That Jimmy was such a dirt bag! I always liked the bass player best.

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