Christmas Decorations Part II

Happy Wednesday Readers!

I got such a great response from pictures of my living room and wanted to share with you our Christmas decorations.  I love that Christmas decorations can liven up a room; for example, our kitchen.  I’ll be showing you that tomorrow because boy, it’s plain without all that red and green sparkly stuff.  But for today, let’s do a little before and after with the living room, again.



One more time!



So you may have remembered last year at christmas I did some garland around the windows, did ribbon around the tree, and bows on the lamps, but I think this version in white is much for grown up, don’t you?

Here’s what we did last year:

The white just brightens it up and modernized everything.  I love it.  And the bulbs hanging with the beads, gives it an adult glam feel. Right?

It’s fun, easy and cheap to purchase those Christmas bulbs and place them around the house.  We put them in jars with candles and when lit, the light scatters all around. 

We also bought a few dark red pillows for a touch of Christmas elegance.

I think Boone approves.

So there you have it.  Christmas in the living room.  Tomorrow, it’s Christmas in the kitchen and then my Friday photo will be of our little bit of Christmas in the bathroom. 

Happy Christmas and Get Inspired!


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6 Responses to “Christmas Decorations Part II”

  1. Jonna Says:

    Yay, it looks pretty! Such a cute doggy too!!!!

  2. Amy Says:

    WOW!!! Your tree looks perfect….and your little hanging balls :) Was this before Boone ran away or after he came back? You need to come decorate my house and my funky tree!

  3. Alex Lopez Says:

    I love you. Without you our house would look boring. And what ever happened to that cool clock we had in that photo?

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