Happy Thursday, Readers!

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit more and more these days, aren’t you?  In the Lopez house we have a tradition where starting the first day of December, we do one “Christmas” thing every night.  Last night we watched Home Alone.  Man, that movie is so funny (my hubby is laughing now because towards the end I started falling asleep – but I swear, it’s a good movie).

Anywho, the whole reason for writing this post is to talk about traditions.  What are your favorite ones?  Which ones would you rather live without?  One of my favorite Christmas traditions is mistletoe.  I’ve always loved it; even before I was allowed to kiss boys.  I always thought it was such a sweet tradition.  I did a bit of research and found out that In Greece exchanging kisses under the mistletoe was a tradition at festivals and marital ceremonies. If a couple in love exchanged a kiss under the mistletoe, it was interpreted as a promise to marry; as well as a prediction of happiness and long life.

Happy Christmas and Get Kissin’!


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3 Responses to “Mistletoe”

  1. Justine Says:

    What a cute post! I like to bake cookies a few nights before Christmas. My family has a tradition of waking up on Christmas Day and opening presents around the tree, then sharing a big breakfast together.

  2. natlpz Says:

    Justine – my family (the Thomazin’s) do the same thing! I love Christmas breakfast!

  3. Christina Ellis Says:

    I love mistletoe too!
    One tradition I love to hate is Ellis brothers Christmas football games. They go on forever and always end with one brother going in for a glass of water and never coming back out to finish the game. But now I have a wonderful sister in law to hang with while they play!

    A tradition I absolutely love is going to my family’s different Christmas concerts! Scott’s band has played at the Festival of Lights the past two years, and we always go to a couple of his mom’s shows. So much fun!

    A tradition I hope to keep is taking a picture of Leila with the same stocking each year to see how much she’s grown. Last year we stuffed her into the stocking for our Christmas card photo. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/christinaellis/3178922506/in/set-72157609159710601/)

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