Before & After: Our Living Room

Happy Tuesday, Readers.

I’m here with our FIRST Before & After!  I’m so happy to say that we’re finally finished with it.  We used a lot of our old pieces and bought some new ones, too.  I have to say that Creswell, IKEA and Target were our best friends throughout this Living Room make-over. 

So, get ready… get set… go!



Ok, so a couple things to talk about here.  Alex and I struggled with setting up the living room, especially trying to work with the plug situation.  The far wall towards the kitchen had the most outlets, so naturally we were planning on putting the T.V. there; but we didn’t like that when you first walked in, the T.V. would be the first thing you saw. 

We really wanted our living room to be a place of fellowship, relaxing, and to open up to the rest of the house.  With the help of Creswell, we came up with this solution of moving the couch off the wall, and creating a circular conversation area.  The round coffee table makes a great surface for games and coffee cups.

The T.V. ended up being moved to the farthest, left wall.  Out of view from the person entering in the house, but close enough to watch from the couch.

The white chairs swivel nicely and are very light so moving them is easy when company comes.

The two large bookshelves on the backside of the couch, against the wall were pieces we already had.  We just attached some tall legs to them, creating the illusion of exaggerated side-tables and bookshelves in one.

The white curtains, did wonders for the lighting in the room.  It’s like a giant softbox in there, which is great for taking pictures, except when you’re snapping a few early in the morning and right before heading out the door for work.

We struggled with trying to find a light fixture as the center piece of the room at many different places.  Finally, at IKEA last weekend, we found this beauty.  I love that it looks like a light from the Seattle harbor and brings in that rustic feel to the seemingly modern, clean-lined furniture.

Small touches of color in pillows and the rug make this room softer and more inviting.  I want to curl up on the couch right now actually.

And remember my little fiasco with the entry way?  I asked you guys to help me pick a piece for it a few months ago.  I wanted to say thank you so much for your help and comments.  While I didn’t end up going with a bench I did take a lot of your advice and we came up with something we really like and it’s much for functional.  What do you think?

So, there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed my little tour of our living room and I hope to have more before & afters in the future of our other rooms.  Keep checking back for further progress (as you know, a room is never completely  finished). And don’t hesitate to ask questions.  

Get Inspired!


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11 Responses to “Before & After: Our Living Room”

  1. Megan Says:

    It looks so great! I loved it when we were over a few weeks ago but it’s even more amazing now! Good work guys! Can’t wait to see what you do with the other rooms too!

  2. Alex Lopez Says:

    I want to go home and enjoy that room right now.

  3. Brendan Says:

    I like the FlatIron building picture. Very classy room!

  4. Jessica Laitinen Says:

    It looks awesome! It makes me want a house to decorate!

  5. Amy Says:

    Wow…it looks so great! i love before and afters, i can’t wait to have my own house to decorate, hopefully you can help me when i get a house of my own some day. Take care!

  6. Diana B Says:

    Looks beautiful my dear!

  7. Candice Says:

    Lovely! Great job. :)

    Craft day?

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