Confessions of a Work-School-Life-aholic

Okay,  so I know you all feel neglected a bit.  I haven’t really been posting consistently and if it’s one thing I don’t appreciate… it’s inconsistency.  I really wish I had more time to do so but I have a few confessions:

  • I’m taking some condensed courses at school that don’t leave for much blogging research or time to create.
  • Any free time I’ve had has been spent on my family, lately.  Come on! It’s the holidays.

And finally…

  • Alex and I have been working like crazy to finish up the living room so we can show you all THIS WEEK!  How excited are you?!

I just finally decided, I better start showing you guys some progress on the house.  So, please be nice; it’s a work in progress.  But I should have some pictures for you of the FINISHED living room in the next two days! WHOPPEE!



One Response to “Confessions of a Work-School-Life-aholic”

  1. Andrea Says:

    That’s a tall cat! haha

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