DIY: Getaway Car Decorations

Happy Thursday, All!

I’m back with my final DIY from Chris and Amber’s wedding, the car decorations. First off, I have to tell you a little bit about my inspiration for the getaway car:

This particular car has been in the Lopez family for quite a few years. It belonged to Chris’ Abuelito and was given to Wil (Chris’ Dad) shortly before Abuelito passed away. This car has been “driven away in” by every one of the Lopez kids from Wil’s family, including Alex and Me and now Chris and Amber.

I wanted to create something for the car that reflected the projects I’d already done and some of the history of the car.  I found out from Alex’s Grandmother that they decorated her getaway car with tissue flowers, so my mind went to the multi-colored poms I had made for Amber’s Bridal Shower.  I gathered some inspiration from Martha Stewart and came up with this:

car decor

So, do you remember the multi-colored poms?  Let’s review.



1 Package of tissue paper (if they have 25 sheets, you will get 15 poms per package)

Plastic coated paper clips

Coordinating Yarn

Scotch Tape

Poster Board

Black Sharpie


Now that you’ve reviewed the steps make the following changes:

Instead of using just the large pieces, cut up the large pieces into three sections.  You should have a total of 75 sheets now (if you have a packet of 25 sheets). 

Using 5 at a time, being the accordion fold and follow the rest of the directions except, instead of floral wire use large plastic coated paper clips.  In doing so, you ensure the safety of the car’s paint.  Then follow the rest of the directions.

I made about 50 of these poms.  I probably should have made about 25 more, but I was dead tired! 

Next, I gave the guys the coordinating yarn and tape.  They made circles of tape and stuck them straight to the car with the yarn.  About every 12-15 inches (let’s face it, they are guys so they probably didn’t measure it) they placed a pom.  They went all the way down to the back of the car and onto the ground.

car decor 2

In the middle, they placed the sign I made using the poster board and sharpie markers.

car decor 3

I’d say that Chris and Amber were pretty pleased with the result, wouldn’t you?

car decor 4

Get Inspired!


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One Response to “DIY: Getaway Car Decorations”

  1. Alex Lopez Says:

    I. Love. That. Car.

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