DIY: Pinwheel Boutonnieres

Happy Wednesday, Readers!

I’m feeling much better today.  Not a complete 100%, but much better.  I can’t wait to share with you some of the great DIY projects I did for Chris and Amber’s wedding last Saturday.  Let’s start things off with a list of all the things we’ve done so far:

Now we’re adding:

Let’s get started with Pinwheel Flower Boutonnieres.

I made these to match the belts for the bridesmaids after Chris saw them and demanded (well, asked nicely… okay, begged) that I make boutonnieres for the guys to match.


Polyester Satin (really any fabric will do)

Tulle of similar color

Coordinating thread


Floral Wire

Floral Tape

Coordinating or Contrasting ribbon (whatever looks best)

Victorian Pin for each boutonnieres

Beads for embellishment


Remember my DIY for the girl’s belts?  You’ll be making the same flowers on a smaller scale.  Let’s quickly review.

DIY_Belt 008DIY_Belt 009DIY_Belt 010DIY_Belt 011DIY_Belt 012DIY_Belt 013DIY_Belt 014DIY_Belt 015DIY_Belt 016DIY_Belt 016DIY_Belt 017DIY_Belt 018DIY_Belt 019DIY_Belt 020DIY_Belt 021DIY_Belt 023DIY_Belt 025DIY_Belt 028

Now, repeat those steps one more time on an even smaller scale.

Once you made two flowers (one large, one small one) take up your floral wire and measure about 8 inches.  Fold it in half and twist.  You should have a 4 (ish) inch stem.  Repeat.


Attach the two twisted stems to the back of one large flower and one small flower.

Take up the floral wire and wrap the stems together many, many, many times.

Take up the ribbon and wrap the stems carefully from top to bottom.  Stitch the bottom closed.

Embellish as you wish. 


I attached leather ribbons since leather key chains were given as wedding favors, we were given a leather piece by Justin (of course) as gifts.


Get Inspired!


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