Quick Update

I am sorry that I’ve been MIA this week.  I know I forwarned you all, but you must know that I didn’t abandon you for no reason.  I’ve been very sick for that past three days.  I am feeling better today, but I am still not at 100%. I even had to do homework for my classes while trying to sleep or rather, completely falling asleep for two-hour increments while trying to do my homework.

The wedding is coming up this week and boy have I been working, working, working to get the boutonnieres (they are going to match the belts for the girls) and car decorations done.  I found out last night that while sewing the flags I made to the last bit of ribbon, Amber’s sewing machine broke!  Such is planning a wedding.  But, the rehearsal is tonight and everything is coming together very nicely.  I can’t wait for you all to see the finished product.  We’re finishing up the belts tonight, I’m finishing the last boutonnieres tomorrow and the car decorations just need a sign. 

Wish us all luck tonight and I’m hoping to be back in full swing next week if I don’t crash and burn after Saturday.  Pray an extra special prayer for Chris and Amber this weekend.  They are leaving on Sunday morning for New York!  I’m so jealous and can’t wait to see pictures from their trip.


Oh, and I think I’ll have a post up for you later today from Erica and Daniel’s Wedding shot by the lovely, Alena.

Happy Thursday!


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