DIY: Multicolored Poms

These are such an easy (and cheap) way to spruce up any party or event. Martha Stewart sells kits for you to make 7 different sized poms for about $20. This one can make up to three poms per package of tissue paper; two large poms can be made per package. One package of multi-colored paper cost me 99 cents from my local 99 Cent Only Store.  You do the math!


WHAT YOU’LL NEED (for 2 large poms):

1 package of multi-colored tissue paper

1 spool of floral wire (it’s more flexible than regular wire)



Step 1: Buy a pack of 20 sheet multi-colored tissue paper


Step 2:  Since I’m making two large poms, I separated the sheets in half; 10 sheets for each pom.  You can cut up the sheet (length-wise) to get smaller sizes.


Step 3: At one end begin to fold about a 2 inch crease.


Step 4: Fold the crease back onto itself. 


Step 5: Continue to fold back and forth, like you would if you were making a paper fan.


Step 6: (Sorry for the blurry picture) Gather your accordion fold together.


Step 7: Take up your scissors and cut a rounded edge on both ends of the folded paper.


Step 8: Take up your floral wire.  Cut about 12 or more inches and fold it in half.


Step 10: Take the folded wire, find the center of the accordion fold and place the wire there.  Twist the ends so it stays in place.  The trick is not to twist it too hard.


Step 11: Begin faning out one side of the pom.


Step 12: Start to pull back one of the sheets of tissue paper towards the floral wire (aka the center of the pom).


Step 13: Repeat for the other sheets of tissue paper below.


Step 14: Once that is finished.  Start working on the other side of the pom.


Step 15: Completely fluff out the pom.


Step 16: Enjoy!


A little side not about these babies:  The smaller the pom you make, the less paper you will need.  Since you can vary the size you can use them in many different ways.  Here are all the ways I used them for the shower. 

1.  On the poles that held up the memory clothesline.


2. To embellish things and make them become part of the decor, rather than work against it.


3.  Just because I can.


Get inspired!


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5 Responses to “DIY: Multicolored Poms”

  1. Christie Says:

    Those are awesome, I’m gettin some good ideas here for my daughter’s birthday coming up!

  2. Christina Ellis Says:

    I LOVE THESE! I’m totally using this for Leila’s FIRST birthday next month! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    […] are a few shots from right after the ceremony.  I made these (in all white) and the groomsmen decorated the car while Chris and Amber took their […]

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