DIY: Placecard Napkin Rings

Happy Thursday, All!

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement regarding the bridal shower.  It really was fun to put on.  I know you all are dying though, to see some of the DIY projects I did.  So, without further ado, here’s place card napkin rings.



Spool of ribbon or trim

A napkin

Printable Business Cards

A printer (or your beautiful handwriting)

A sewing machine

Contrasting thread



Step 1:  Print out name place cards onto the business card template, or use your handwriting for a more personal touch.  I have a graphic designer for a husband so I just used cut up manilla folders and he laid out the template for me.  If only everyone was so lucky…


Step 2:  Take up your napkin and fold it how you would like it displayed.  Mine was folded just like you would at dinner (in thirds and flat).  Measure the width of the flat napkin and double it.  There’s the length of your ribbon.

Step 3:  Take up the ribbon or trim and measure it out.  Subtract about 2 inches from the length and cut.

Step 4:  Take up the ribbon and the place card.  Place the ribbon on the back of the place card, about half an inch in.


Step 5: Sew a long stitch on one side of the place card to connect the ribbon.

Step 6:  Flip the place card over and sew another long stitch.  Now you’ve made a ring.


Step 7:  Place the place card napkin ring over the napkin and enjoy!


You can also use the same idea for table numbers and other signage like this:


The general concept is the same so play around with it, enjoy, and get inspired!


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5 Responses to “DIY: Placecard Napkin Rings”

  1. Alex Lopez Says:

    sweeet… Looks like your working by the light of a candle… we’ll have to fix that for sure in your new space!

  2. jessica isaac Says:

    So awesome. Loved the attention to detail. The table numbers with the bottle candle holders were my favorite.

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