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Note, that I didn’t say “Happy Monday!”  Besides the fact that it amazingly gloomy today in So.Cal, it is after all, Monday.  However, to brighten your Monday, I’ll be coming at ya later this week with a few DIY projects from the shower I helped throw this past weekend for Amber.  I have to say, it was a huge hit, colorful, and we had the perfect weather.  Amber said, “This is the tea party of my dreams!” 

That’s good enough for me.  But, I figure you guys will get more satisfaction from some photos, so I’ll show you them soon.

On another note, I was tagged by Jonna to fill out this little survey, who said I should blog about this.  I had no idea you all would even want to know stuff about me personally, thanks for the tip Jonna.  If you’re reading this, then you should blog it too.  Let’s make it viral, people!

1. what books are on your favorite shelf?
My books are organized by color, thanks to Creswell, so my entire book shelf is my favorite shelf.  I know, I know, pictures please! – I promise, soon. Okay, my favorite books on my shelves are – A Book of Poems by Robert Browning, an old french book (can’t remember the title) that I used to cut out photos from and frame for the living room – plus it has a really cool orange cover, and my Martha Stewart cookbook.
2. what dvds are on your favorite shelf?
My dvds are not on my favorite shelf, but they are also organized by color and in a really awesome IKEA shelving unit.  My favorite dvds there are Elizabethtown, The Holiday, The Family Stone, and ALL the Ocean’s Movies (What?!  George Clooney is hot). 
3. what are your two favorite cookbooks?
I own three cookbooks – A pancake recipe book I got from my wedding, a 30 minute Rachel Ray Cookbook (that came in handy in the first year of marriage), and a Martha Stewart cookbook (I have never made anything in this cookbook – there, I said it).

4. select one to three recipes you will cook for your special guests:
I make this pretty awesome chicken dish with grilled shrimp, spinach and red mashed potatoes. The glaze is a mix of italian dressing, honey, garlic, white wine, and Worcestershire sauce.  It’s like two recipes in one because there are two meats and really, isn’t it the meat that makes it a meal?

5. what will we be drinking that’s available?
If I could, we’d pair it up with the same wine that I used to make the sauce, but since I’m a prude, we’ll drink pellagrino or a ginger ale concoction.

and five random facts (i’ll do my best to tell you things you don’t already know…)
1. I don’t like sleeping on the same side of the bed every night.  I like to mix it up and I actually sleep better when I change it up.

2. A lot of the food that I say I don’t like, I’ve probably never tried but it just looks gross so I don’t want to try it.

3. If a project gets to me and is sitting on my desk, it will drive me crazy not to finish it.  I like to finish projects within 15 minutes of it hitting my desk; because not only do I love having a clean desk, but I also hate leaving for the day with un-finished work.

4. I like coffee, but never pour me a full cup.  No matter how amazing it is, I won’t be able to finish it.  I’m a sipper when it comes to coffee.  Now, Chai is a different story.

5. I’m launching a new site!  So, get ready for some changes.  Hello Leelo  is going to be the new Bricka Brack.  Alex (my hubby) is working on the programming of it and made me some awesome business cards – I’ll show you those really soon.  Check out the landing page he made me (helloleelo.com) and get ready for some changes.

Now I can say, Happy Monday!


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2 Responses to “Tag, You’re It!”

  1. Jonna Says:

    Yay for surveys! (Uhh when’s chicken shrimp dinner time please?) I’m excited for helloleelo, last time I saw it it looked super cute!

  2. Diana B Says:

    Let me know when your new site is ready please!

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