House Update: Bench Dilemma

I know you all have been wanting updates on what’s going on with our house.  I promise, they are coming soon.  We’ve spent almost every weekend working on the house.  The living room is almost complete and that will be the first room I show you all as a before & after.  We are still on the look out for a bench to go in a skinny space along one wall in our living room.  Maybe you all can help? Leave me a comment and tell me which of these you like best:




bench 2





Just so you know, # 3 is my favorite.  Not that I want that to sway your opinion.

Thanks for the help!

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13 Responses to “House Update: Bench Dilemma”

  1. Alex Lopez Says:

    Number 3! Number 4 I could live with.

    • natlpz Says:

      I can’t believe you like, # 4. I totally thought you’d see the baskets and throw up on the floor.

      I might just use those everywhere, now.

      I kid, I kid.

  2. Justine Says:

    I like # 3 too! I think # 4 is a close second in my opinion, but it looks like # 3 would be easier to match with other stuff in your house.

  3. Sara Beresford Says:

    Not knowing what the general style of your home is, but based on your Anthro Love pics…. I would choose #3!!!!

  4. Candice Says:

    Definitely three for me. I’m actually really digging #2 also, but it looks like a garden bench to me; I can’t picture it in your house.

  5. Alex Lopez Says:

    ok… i need to fix my answers… i meant number 2 and number 3! not number 3 and number 4!

  6. Jonna Says:

    I like #2. I think I like that it’s really clean and could work with a plethora of styles, it just looks like it would last, and is timeless.

    #3 Love that it has storage, and looks a little 1960’s herman miller

    #1 looks like a piano bench for a wide load (was that rude?).

    #4 looks kind of trendy like the stuff they sell at Bed, Bath and Beyond (not really a bad thing, I just wonder if it will look really dated in a couple of years).

  7. Christina Ellis Says:

    I love #4, but #3 is a close second for me.

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    […] remember my little fiasco with the entry way?  I asked you guys to help me pick a piece for it a few months ago.  I wanted to say thank you so much for your help and […]

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