DIY: Pinwheel Flower Belt

Hello Readers!

I’m back with a DIY for you inspired by Heart of Light’s Rachel.  She has launched her own etsy shop and created some amazing belts and headbands.  I posted about her fabulous ruffle belt a few weeks ago and many of you loved it.

Amber especially loved it so we went on a hunt to find something that we could create for her wedding.  We both feel in love with this one of Rachel’s.


When it came down to creating it, I ran into some problems with the fabric.  The fabric wasn’t melting, but rather burning!  Pam and I had a few screams as we thought we were going to burn the house down and therefore decided against doing that.  I wrote Rachel and email, letting her know of our dilemma and she kindly responded!  She told me that the issue I was having was with the fabric.  I needed 100% polyester for it to work.  I was so grateful for her response, but while waiting for it, Pam and I began to experiment with the fabric.  We kind of came up with this pinwheel flower belt and Amber loved it!

So, I bring you… the Pinwheel Flower Belt.


1/2 a yard of brown satin (you won’t use it all)

1/2 a yard of tulle (you won’t use it all)

1 spool of coordinating thread

2 and a half yards of ribbon


An iron

DIY_Belt 001


Step 1: Measure your waist and determine the length of the ribbon (mine was 2 and a half yards).

DIY_Belt 003

Step 2: Tie a bow so you can cut the length appropriately.

DIY_Belt 004

Step 3: Cut the edges (make them pretty!)

DIY_Belt 005

Step 4: Find the center of the ribbon.

DIY_Belt 006

Step 5: Put the belt back on and place a pin where you would like the center flower to be located.

DIY_Belt 007

Step 6: Take up the satin and cut out a large rectangle.  This will be your largest flower, so the size is entirely up to you.  I would say that mine was about 8 inches long.

DIY_Belt 008

Step 7: Fold the fabric in half.

DIY_Belt 009

Step 8: Fold the fabric in half again.

DIY_Belt 010

Step 9: Cut out a large circle about the size of the square.

DIY_Belt 011DIY_Belt 012

Step 10: You should have a total of four squares.

DIY_Belt 013

Step 11: Take up one of the circles.  Pinch it so there are three folds.

DIY_Belt 014DIY_Belt 015

Step 12: Run your coordinating thread through each of the folds to hold them in place.

DIY_Belt 016

Step 13:  Repeat steps 11 & 12 and thread all four together.

DIY_Belt 017DIY_Belt 018

Step 14: Place the “puff” on the ironing board and press the flower. You may want to fight with it a little to get the right look.  Press again.  (Try to ignore that I have tulle on this flower – it’s a bad idea as the tulle melts).

DIY_Belt 027DIY_Belt 028

Step 15: Cut a square of tulle, just larger than the diameter of the flower.

DIY_Belt 019

Step 16: Fold the tulle the same way you folded the satin.

DIY_Belt 020

Step 17: Trim the edge in a half circle.  It’s okay for it to be un-even, it only adds texture.

DIY_Belt 021

Step 18: Thread the tulle to the back of the flower.

DIY_Belt 023DIY_Belt 025

Step 19: Take up three more squares of the stain fabric. You are now going to make three smaller flowers.  One for the center and two are for on either side of the center flower.  These circles should be about half the size of the large circles.

DIY_Belt 029DIY_Belt 030

Step 20: Repeat Steps 11 – 18 for all three of the smaller flowers.  When pressed they will look like this.

DIY_Belt 031

Step 21: Take up one of the smaller flowers and place it onto of the large flower.  Stitch them together.

DIY_Belt 032DIY_Belt 033DIY_Belt 034DIY_Belt 037

Step 22: Take up the ribbon and your three completed flowers.  Place the large flower where you placed your pin.

DIY_Belt 038DIY_Belt 039

Step 23: Sew on the remaining flowers.

DIY_Belt 041

Step 24: Embellish it however you like (beads, pearls, etc) or wear it as is.

DIY_Belt 045DIY_Belt 044

Get inspired!

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7 Responses to “DIY: Pinwheel Flower Belt”

  1. Amber Says:

    I hope it’s as easy to make as you say it is! I actually prefer this spin-wheel type pressed version of the flowers than the other one!

    So glad you guys didn’t burn down the house! yikes! ;)

    Good job Nat and Pammie!

  2. Megan Says:

    You are so talented, Nat. I love it!

  3. Rachel (Heart of Light) Says:

    So glad you managed to make the most of it! It looks adorable.

  4. natlpz Says:

    Rachel! Thank you so much for all your help on this project. I’m so glad you like the outcome. I’m loving the new things you’re posting to the shop everyday. I’m completely smitten.

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    […] and boy have I been working, working, working to get the boutonnieres (they are going to match the belts for the girls) and car decorations done.  I found out last night that while sewing the flags I made […]

  6. DIY: Pinwheel Boutonnieres « bricka brack Says:

    […] Pinwheel Flower Belts […]

  7. JOrdan Says:

    Wow! You did an amazing job! I will def be doing this. I want to add this to my daughters tutu. Smaller flowers of course. thanks for this cool idea.

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