A 99 Cent Wedding

Yesterday on 9-9-09, 9 engaged couples who entered the 99 cent wedding contest, were married on aisle 9 at 9:09 at the 99 cent store in Hollywood, CA.

The couples were able to invite 9 guests each.  The brides wore a couture inspired dress, made by Kathy Jacobs made entirely out of 99 cent materials from t-shirts to table runners.  The guests enjoyed an appetizer reception prepared with 99 cent only food and then were driven in a limo around Hollywood.  The 9 lucky couples also received a wedding surprise worth over $2,599 including hotel accommodations at the Hotel Angeleno, a meal in the West Restaurant & Lounge, and photographs by Jay Lawrence Goldman.  In addition, each of the brides received hair and makeup by Design Visage. Fresh flower bouquets and boutonnieres were provided by Natural Floral for each of the couples.  And one couple received two Southwest Airlines round-trip tickets.  Finally, all couples received $99.99 in cash, as well as a goodie bag, courtesy of 99¢ Only Stores.

Apparently, more pictures are to come, but here is one of the dress:


I have to say, I like the one Kathy did, better than the couture dress.  I also have to say, I can’t believe it’s made out of t-shirts and table runners.  Talk about a DIY.

Get inspired!


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One Response to “A 99 Cent Wedding”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Now that would be a fun project!

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