“It is funded.”

Okay, don’t call me a blasphemer. I’ve very aware of the holiness that encompasses the statement, “It is finished.”  But I promise it comes with “good tidings of great joy!”

We were funded for the house!  It still has yet to record today, but the seller has agreed to let us move in this weekend and Tuesday the house is ours! I’m so excited and can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on those keys!

I told you I’d get you, you beautiful house, you.


Thank you, Lord and a Happy Friday to you all.


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2 Responses to ““It is funded.””

  1. kayellen Says:

    Congrats to you both:)
    Very exciting!


  2. megan Says:

    HEYO!!! Look out world Natalee and Alex now have a home!!! CONGRATS!!!

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