More Photos

Okay, okay… I just had to share some more photos of Creswell’s room.  I had such a fun time helping her organize it and add some cute touches to her already amazing room.  Honestly, most of the hard work was done already.  I just organized the closet by color, cleaned everything out, made some poms, and helped her spiffy everything up a bit.

Check out some of our hard work:

She MADE that headboard!


Vinatge green chair and vintage dresser.


Teacup succulents and thrift-ed birdcage.


Make-up center and color coordinated clothes! I’m drooling.


That mirror used to be in her kitchen but then the mirror fell out so she turned the frame into the headboard for her bed.  And set up the mirror on the opposite end of the room. Genius.


She MADE this, but I have first dibs on her next one.


Fun collage we made over the bed.




Get inspired!


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4 Responses to “More Photos”

  1. Jonna Says:

    Wow. That looks seriously gorgeous! Now I want to redecorate my room all weekend! Thanks for nothing!

  2. alex Says:

    wowsers! thanks nat! i had an amazing time working on those projects with you. you did such a great job with the photos! makes my room look a lot bigger than it really is :).

  3. Ashlee Stayner Says:

    It looks beautiful! You girls did an awesome job! I will let you know when Monty and I get a house for you to decorate :)

  4. oldsoulbird Says:

    Absolutely fantastic! I don’t know why, but I’m loving the use of curtains instead of a door for the closet! Truly lovely, it honestly makes me feel all Parisian!

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