Chris and Amber’s Engagement Part 3

Okay, okay.  I didn’t shoot these, so it’s not really part 3, it’s really all Trever.  And we all know that I’m no Trever Hoehne.

Wait?! What?! THE Trever Hoehne? Uh, Yeah!

He shot my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law this past weekend in Downtown San Diego.   They woke up super early to head down there before anyone else and shot these editorial-esque photos.  I’d say it has a hint of Anthropologie, wouldn’t you?



Great Job, Trev!


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One Response to “Chris and Amber’s Engagement Part 3”

  1. BrickaBrack the Bag « bricka brack Says:

    […] you remember my amazing friend Justin who created those to-die-for leather pieces for Chris and Amber’s engagement shoot? Well, to thank me for blogging about him, he made me a brickabrack bag!  I am totally floored by […]

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