Thank You!

Hello my Happy Readers!

I just wants to stop by today and say a quick and heartfelt thank you to all of you who left me comments on my Home Sweet Home post yesterday. Alex and I are are so excited to get this process started.  We were at our mortgage broker’s office until about 7:20 last night starting the escrow papers.  Boy, its a lot of stuff to sign; but we couldn’t be more excited to do so!

Since we’ve found out about getting the house, our minds have been swirling with ideas for renovations and decor.  We’ve started makings lists and gathering tons of inspiration.  I think the task we are most excited about is the kitchen. 


We can’t wait to rearrange it all and make it completely amazing.  We’d really like to add some modern elements to it, while keeping the older charm. 

One main inspiration blog we’ve found that accomplishes this task VERY well is Young House Love.   Sherry and John bought there first house and fell in love; and while ours doesn’t need as much renovating as theirs did, the hard work they put into it is truly inspired.  Here are a few of the renovations they did that truly inspire me:

Here is there kitchen (before).  Ours is by no means this bad, but look at what they were able to do with it…



After.  You’re kidding right? This cannot be the same kitchen?! But it is.  Bravo.


Here are a few more of my favorites.



After.  Have a mentioned how much I LOVE vertical stripes (oops – horizontal… I do like both, actually)?  Well, I do.




After. No words.




After.  Is this… even… uhh… I’m speechless.




After. So, when can we move in again?!


Can you believe the transformation?! I’m completely speechless.  And would it make you just die to find out that these two have NO TRAINING or EXPERTISE what-so-ever?!  They are just two truly inspired people loving their first house. 

If you want to see the rest of their HOUSE TOUR, check it out here and  be sure to check out their FAQs section for more information.

Get inspired!

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4 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. margauxhf Says:

    The bathroom looks so much better! I absolutely love it. I also really like wide horizontal stripes. Vertical ones are good too.

  2. megan Says:

    Natalee!!!! You are moving into your OWN house!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you and Alex!! PTL!!

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