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Out of Stock: Found

August 31, 2009

How many of you were totally bummed that after Ruche’s AMAZING spread in UtterlyEngaged, they sold out of the coveted “Sail Me to the Moon Dress“?

Well, though it’s not exactly the same, it’s a close second.  Forever21 has an extremely similar dress on sale for $24.80!

Out of Stock?! FOUND!


Ruche_Sail Dress


F21_Chiffon Dress


Moving on Up

August 31, 2009


Alex and I are heading out after work to sign loan docs!  It’s been such a crazy, exciting ride and it’s about to get even crazier.  There is a good possibility that Alex and I could be getting the keys to our first home THIS FRIDAY!  If that’s the case, then we’re going to be moving this next weekend!

Sorry for all the “!”  There’s just too much excitement to contain.

In the spirit of excitement, packing and moving, I thought I’d share a little treat (for me anyway – all you other OCDers will enjoy it as well) from the master of moving, Martha Stewart.  Thanks to MagChunk for the tip-off.

I’m drooling over these checklists:

Moving Time-line

Tips for Successful Packing

Essential Packing Supplies

Thank you, Martha.

For more checklists by Martha, click here.

Oh My!

August 28, 2009

This wedding venue is amazing!

Yes, please…


pretty, please.

Beautiful photos by Elisabeth Millay.  Click here to check out more.

More Photos

August 28, 2009

Okay, okay… I just had to share some more photos of Creswell’s room.  I had such a fun time helping her organize it and add some cute touches to her already amazing room.  Honestly, most of the hard work was done already.  I just organized the closet by color, cleaned everything out, made some poms, and helped her spiffy everything up a bit.

Check out some of our hard work:

She MADE that headboard!


Vinatge green chair and vintage dresser.


Teacup succulents and thrift-ed birdcage.


Make-up center and color coordinated clothes! I’m drooling.


That mirror used to be in her kitchen but then the mirror fell out so she turned the frame into the headboard for her bed.  And set up the mirror on the opposite end of the room. Genius.


She MADE this, but I have first dibs on her next one.


Fun collage we made over the bed.




Get inspired!

Foto Friday

August 28, 2009

This photo is brought to you by me.  It’s a picture I took of Creswell’s room this past weekend.  She’s currently working on entering a contest and wanted my help with a few organizational things as well as some creative input.  This is a picture of a light cover we made, for her (before) ugly light cover.


We used the concept of the ever popular Martha Stewart poms which cost about $20 for 7 and did the project ourselves for about $6.  I’d love to do a DIY soon for you guys, so keep a look out!

Happy Friday.

109 Degrees?

August 27, 2009

Is it really 109 degrees here in So Cal?!  Well, if I can’t have scarves and pea-coats can I at least have this?

tumblr_kp067l5PXB1qzb7gjo1_400via Home Sweet Home

Yes, please.

DIY: Pendant Banner

August 26, 2009

Hello All!

I’ve happened to actually get a DIY project together for you this week.  Again, and as you know, its pretty busy here this time of year as school starts back up and we’re in the process of finalizing the loan for the house.  I have some new pictures that I took and can’t wait to share with you, but until then, let’s take a look at our DIY project.


Sorry I don’t have step by step pictures for the cutting process; I’ll explain it the best I can.


Butcher paper, raffia, sharpie, stapler,  a 12″ Ruler,  & a 15″ Ruler, pinking shears


Step 1: Write out your phrase.  Ours was “Virginia or Bust” because one of our co-workers moved to Virginia.

Step 2: Roll out the butcher paper and measure pendants 12″ across and 12″ long.  Use the 15″ ruler to measure from the outer corners of the triangle to the bottom point.

Step 3:  Cut out one pendant per letter in your phrase, using the pinking shears. Write out your letters on the pendants.


Step 4:  Lay out your phrase.

Step 5: Measure out about 12 inches of raffia for each end of the banner.


Step 6: Measure out about 4-6 inches (depending on how you would like your spacing) of raffia to place between each banner.


Step 7: Staple the 12″ raffia to the first pendant in your first pendant in the phrase.


Step 8: Staple the first 6″ raffia to the first pendant and connect it to the second pendent.


Step 9: Repeat Step 8 until all the pieces are strung together.


Step 10: Hang the banner.  Use the 12″ pieces of raffia to tie off for wrap around objects to anchor the banner.


Step 11: Enjoy and celebrate


A special thanks to Candice from October Blue for her excellent modeling skills.

Get inspired!

Parasol Mag

August 25, 2009

Have you all seen this amazing announcement for Parasol Mag?  I’m completely tempted and might have a reason to give into it because this on-line magazine is amazing.  For only $2.50 you can purchase this 111page on-line magazine chalked full of DIY projects and downloadable templates.

Check it out!


Home Sweet Home: Update

August 24, 2009

Hello All!

We are busy, busy, busy here this week, so I just wanted to stop by and let you know that we received word on the Loan approval for our house! Matt our mortgage broker called yesterday and said, “Did you guys go to church this morning?” 

Alex said, “Well, no we’re in San Luis Obispo, but we’ve been praying. Why? What’s up?”

Matt said, “Whelp, you got loan approval on the house.  No questions asked.”

We are so unbelievably stoked.  God bless the underwriter and our mortgage broker.

We have the home inspection today and I’ll keep you updated on the progress and our projected move in day.

Happy Monday!


You’ll be ours soon enough, you beautiful house, you.

Foto Friday

August 21, 2009

I apologize for not posting yesterday!  We’ve had some crazy hoops to jump through with the house.  For some reason the IRS said that Alex didn’t file his 2007 taxes – and that’s not something you want the IRS to think.  It took us 2 days to get it figured out, but we’re in the clear and on our way to getting the loan approved.   Now, we have to wait for the home inspection and the underwriter to ask us a bunch of questions, before he gives us the loan.  But I tell you what,  as soon as we are approved, I am going to celebrate!  I might even through a party like this one:


BTW, this is a wedding.  Check it out here.