Calling all Ladies! Have you heard of the new Virtue for Women blog from Snazzy new site by they way.  Great job, HARVEST DESIGN TEAM!

Ok, back to the point…


Cathe Laurie, Greg Laurie’s wife – senior pastor at Harvest, has started her own blog for women who aspire to be virtuous.  She has tons of insight into the Word, great recipescrafts, and personal thoughts to share.  She really helps to break down the meaning of a virtuous woman and even has a study in Orange County every week on the subject.

I have been so privileged to talk to her about some of the ways she hopes Virtue will reach out, not only to the women of our church, but an even broader scope of women.  Cathe really has a heart for other women and a love for the Lord that is truly a testament.  You can check out her conversation with Greg about Virtue here.

Check it out and add it to your daily reads! What are you waiting for?


Get inspired!


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One Response to “Virtue*”

  1. oldsoulbird Says:

    oh! thank you for the share! i’m gonna check it out!
    p.s. LOVE your blog! :)

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