Young House Love

Happy Monday, Ya’ll!

Have I introduced you to Young House Love, yet? 


Its a fabulous blog about about a couple who love their new home.  They talk through renovations, life experiences, have fab freebies, and are just plain cute.  Here’s an intro:


“I’m Sherry Petersik. He’s my husband John. We’re 27. Our house is 53. It’s old enough to be our parent, but we treat it like it’s our baby.

It’s our first home, and it’s located in Richmond, Virginia. When we bought it in 2006, we were coming off of a combined 8-years of living in Manhattan. Having 1,350 sq. ft to play with seemed like quite a luxury. The only problem: the house definitely showed its age.

Armed with a little bit of know-how and a lot of enthusiasm, we didn’t waste a second gettin’ down to business. After three years the list of what we did is too long to bother with (a few highlights: installing a pedestal sink, two toilets, countless new light fixtures, knocking out a half wall, uncovering tile and hardwood under grody carpets, etc). Trust us when we say that it was certainly a lot of work, time, and satisfaction upon completion.

To date we’ve added a slew of new skills to our metaphorical toolbox (need help refinishing your cabinets?) and even some new equipment to our literal toolbox (drywall saw, anyone?). Our DIY prowess even carried over to our backyard wedding (it’s only fitting that we got married at home).

Somewhere along the way we even started helping other people transform their homes. And in June of 2008, we put my Bachelor of Fine Arts and John’s Communications degree to use and opened up our very own shop full of original and affordable prints for the masses. We’ve also been recruited to write a regular column in a national glossy mag: Better Homes & Garden’s Do It Yourself Magazine. We even managed to fit in an HGTV appearance when our bedroom was picked as an “inspiration room” on Rate My Space and we squeezed in a fun little house tour video for

Now it’s just a matter of finding enough hours in the day to keep up with our ever growing to-do list while keeping you posted along the way. We hope you enjoy our continued adventures (and misadventures) in DIY decor and home improvement. Stay tuned…” – Young House Love

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.. and add it to your daily reads.


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One Response to “Young House Love”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    Sounds like mine, and Jon’s house. It’s old enough to be our great grandparent!

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