Real Wedding: Megan and Phil Part II

You thought I was done?! Not at all, my friend.  How could I deprive you of more pictures from this beautiful wedding?

Rehearsal Shot

All of these photos were taken by guest of the wedding or family members, who did a fabulous job of getting this out so quickly for everyone to enjoy.  Meg and Phil, I hope you’re having a blast in Hawaii and we can’t wait to see you when you get back.  Enjoy!

Martin 5

This arch is looking into the ceremony site.  Guest were ushered this way after the ceremony was over.  The big door in the back was where the wedding party made their entrances for the ceremony.

Martin 17

Megan’s Dad and Uncle set up these paper lanterns in the trees the morning of the wedding.  I loved the extra “Umph!”

Martin 1

Okay, I have to brag a little.  Phil and Megan originally had atable set up for this, but with 200 people and 12(ish) in the wedding party, it was hard to find a place to do communion.  Megan’s uncle had this beautiful slab counter top for the BBQ so we used a corner of it; I used some extra linen and the centerpieces from the rehearsal dinner the night before to cover up the BBQ.  It looked so rustic and Meg loved it.

Martin 7

Megan’s dad did all the signage for the day including these labels for the water bottles.  It’s little details like this that make all the difference.

Martin 10Martin 6

Have I talked about Megan’s dress enough? Oh, I haven’t? Well then… it’s fabulous, don’t you think? Mermaid fit, buttons all the way down the back, deep “v” in the back, loving the train, and the shape is completely flattering, breathtaking, even.

Martin 8

I’d seen this idea in a few weddings before and Megan loved how raw and collective it was, so she gathered tons of photos and did a twine photo tree for the reception.

Martin 9

Setting up the reception area.  It was hot but I had so many helpers!

Martin 11Martin 12

Gaby sang a love song she wrote about Phil and Megan at the reception.  It was so amazing.

Martin 15

What’s this? The wedding party is doing the robot?! Fantastic!

Martin 13

And the most graceful dip known to man, after their grand entrance.

Martin 16

Thanks again, Meg and Phil for letting me help out with your beautiful wedding.  You two are such a blessing and it was a blast!

Martin 14


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  1. Amber Says:

    Nice job!

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