DIY: Mexican Wedding Flags

Has anyone else noticed this trend circulating the wedding world?

mex 2Mex 1

 Me too!  And you know what? I think I like it.  Amber and I both, in fact.  So we thought we’d venture out to Joann’s to see if we couldn’t create a little something of our own for future use.  Here’s what we came up with.



1 yard of 44″ eyelet fabric

1 spool of ribbon


A sewing machine

Coordinating tread



Lay out the yard of fabric and fold in half lengthwise.  Press.

Fold in half again. Press.

Fold in half again. Press.  Repeat until you have a small rectangle, the size of a flag.

Unfold and cut along the creases.  You should have 8 flags.

Take up one of the cut piece and find the raw edge.  Fold over once and press.

Then fold over again, pin and press.


Run through the Machine with coordinating thread to baste the seam.


The stitch should look like this:


The flag should look like this when you are done basting.  Repeat for all the other (8) flags.


Take up the ribbon and place it in the right side of the flag pinning it along the edge.


Evenly space out the other flags and pin them along the ribbon.  Usually about 5-6 inches distance is good.


Run the flags through the machine again, this time with the ribbon.  Pay careful attention to stitch in the middle of the ribbon to avoid puckering.  Lightly iron.


And you’re done! Depending on pat of fabric you have, you may get a few different types of flags.  We ended up with about 4 different patterns. We’re adding a scalloped edge to the other ones and doing a scalloped stitch to close off the edges.  Can’t wait to show you when it’s all finished and hung.

Keep an eye out and get inspired!


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6 Responses to “DIY: Mexican Wedding Flags”

  1. Jonna Says:

    That looks so good. Awesome job!

  2. Amber Says:

    Can’t wait to finish the rest!

  3. Ellen Says:

    I LOVED these! THANKS SO MUCH! So clever- I never would have thought of these.

  4. DIY: Pinwheel Boutonnieres « bricka brack Says:

    […] Mexican Wedding Flags […]

  5. melinda Says:

    wow what a great idea. I’m such a frugle shopper that I have a really hard time paying full price for the plastic papel picado that this is an option for me and it will add a handmade touch to my wedding celebration. pls continue the with more great ideas! God Bless…

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