Renegade Craft Fair Recap

Good Monday Morning!

I had such a full weekend and I can’t wait to share all the fun things we did for Megan and Phil’s wedding.  Until then, here’s a little recap from the Renegade Handmade Craft Fair last weekend.

There were over 200 vendors at the California Marketplace in LA and it was HOT.  It was set up like a chic swap meet, which totally got my deal hunting mind pumping.  Jonna found one of her favorite illustrator’s fabric in a purse by Karlee Fuchs and was uber stoked.


I about died over all the fascinators and feather headbands.


Yes, that is a tepee.


This store was amazing!  Everything made from felt including the belts below.  Don’t you love the textures?!


Here are a few of the vendor’s booths we stopped by:


Just a funny sign we saw.


Jonna and Alena, deal huntin’.


More fun things…


This was so rad.  This guy takes old books and removed the binding to put in blank pages for a journal.  He leaves a few of the chapters in there and then spiral binds them.  So awesome!


Yes please…


More of those awesome journals by another awesome vendor.


Ugh… I want these.


Alena, you’re beard is good.


Excuse me, 3 Fish Studios, you amaze me.  These are prints all done with linoleum stamps… just amazing.


And here they are… craved by hand and made from linoleum!


What’s this?! A stereo system and albums for sale? Actually they are amazing prints by Bug House


This is my favorite.


Well, hello little Nome.


We went home with quite a few goodies.  I’d say Alena got the most stuff, but Jonna for sure was the best bargain shopper.



Oh and we can’t forget to stop for Coffee Bean on the way home.


I’d say it was a success.


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7 Responses to “Renegade Craft Fair Recap”

  1. Justine Says:

    Oh I just wanna cry when reading this post….I wish I would’ve been able to go and I wish that the fair would have lasted longer than one weekend. Such cool stuff there! Thanks for posting this! I still got a lot of inspiration and cool ideas just by looking at all the pictures. : )

  2. Jonna Says:

    That was fun. Let’s do it again. Well, next time there’s a cool fair in town.

  3. Alena Sterger Says:

    Ahhhh good times…you make your pillows yet? Will have to come see them when they are done. Woot!

  4. natlpz Says:

    I haven’t made them yet! I totally need to, maybe I’ll do that tonight!

  5. Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer « bricka brack Says:

    […] brack the nooks and crannies of life. « Ander’s Manly Bash Renegade Craft Fair Recap […]

  6. Eric Says:


    Thanks for such a nice post!

    i LOVE the shot you took of a hand reaching into my box of linocut plates. Can I have a copy for website?


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