From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels


If you haven’t started reading Ree’s blog yet… what ARE you thinking?!  She’s brilliant and funny writer. She has quite a nice collection of pictures in each of her posts.  Not to mention she has a great story!  A young thing from LA who walks into a bar one night and meets her “Marlboro Man.”  She goes about life thinking nothing of it and in the throes of moving to Chicago he calls her up and asks her out on a date.  The rest is history and by gollie if she didn’t document all of it for your reading pleasure!

I’ve been reading it when I have time that past two days and I’m completely hooked.  I even stayed up until 2:00 am last night reading it.  And while I’m paying for it in exhaustion today, I can’t wait to crawl back into bed tonight and finish it.

Well, what are you waitin’ for?! Get to reading!

And don’t forget to add Ree’s blog to your daily reads.  She’s gonna knock your socks off!

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