Virginia City

Virginia City, here we come!

IMG_0117On Our Trip to Tahoe we traveled to Virginia City, a fun old wester town with saloons, antique shops, a train, horse draw carriages, saloon singers, and an old Mason cemetery (I don’t have any pictures of this and I’m totally bumming on it). 

It was really neat to share this experience with Wil & Debbie since they hadn’t been since the boys were little.  They had a blast singing old country songs and talking about all the places they used to go with the boys, like the Chocolate Nugget


And this place! The Bucket of Blood Saloon.


This guy was a great banjo player.  That piano would play “by itself” and that jug there is for tips.  You could even buy his “record.”


You most definitely can’t go into an old west town without a sheriff’s badge. 


The shops had all kinds of fun things in them, which is where we met this guy… just kidding.


And Alex found his childhood dream toy.


In the spirit of Thomas the Tank Engine, we rode the train.  I’d never been on one so it was quite and experience.  Loud, for one. But the scenery was pretty awesome.


We met some really neat people, include a guy who rode three trains to get to Virginia City and stay with his grandma.  He has an annual pass to ride the train we were all riding that day and he had already ridden it four times.  He asked us what we did for a living and when he found out he said, “Oh, big bucks huh?”

Oh, if only you knew man Yeah, not so much.

Then we asked him if he was going to get a job and he said he already had one.  He works at the movie theater and has a girlfriend, so he’s good.  Spends all his money to take trains up to see his grandma to ride trains and then ride a train home.  Ah, what a life.  You know what man?  I think I’d ride trains all day if I could too.  Yes Sir.

Check back later this weekend for Vikingholm… it is amazing!


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2 Responses to “Virginia City”

  1. Jonna Says:

    The picture of Wil in the wig just made me literally laugh out loud all by myself.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Actually that picture of Wil scares me!

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