Inspired by: Summer Eats

Sorry about the late posting today.  I’ve been quite a busy bee!


I don’t know about you, but one of my most favorite things about summer is the fruit, melons, and berries.  I love the taste of perfectly ripe strawberry, and juicy watermelon, a scooped out cantelope with vanila icecream…yum!

One of the major frustrations I have with summer eats are their short lives.  I’m always having a hard time keeping my summer eats fresh and I’m sure a few of you are too.  So here are some tips to keeping your fruits, melons, berries and a few others fresher, longer.

1. But fruit that is not yet ripe and let it ripen at home.

2. Wash all your fruit when you get home from the grocery store.  “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” This is especially true of grapes and berries.

3.  Don’t seperate your bananas from the bunch.  Let them ripen at room temperature together.

4. Citrus, Melons, and Tropical Fruit should be stored at room temperature.

5.  Put apples in a brown bag and place in the crisper.  The crisper keeps moisture in.

6. Put berries in brown bags and store them in the fridge.  Remember to pick out the bad ones first.

7. Store tomatoes on the counter, steam down and away from the sunshine.  If you put the tomatoe in the fridge, it looses it’s flavor.

Now, go get some Summer Eats!


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