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June 30, 2009

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Virginia City

June 26, 2009

Virginia City, here we come!

IMG_0117On Our Trip to Tahoe we traveled to Virginia City, a fun old wester town with saloons, antique shops, a train, horse draw carriages, saloon singers, and an old Mason cemetery (I don’t have any pictures of this and I’m totally bumming on it). 

It was really neat to share this experience with Wil & Debbie since they hadn’t been since the boys were little.  They had a blast singing old country songs and talking about all the places they used to go with the boys, like the Chocolate Nugget


And this place! The Bucket of Blood Saloon.


This guy was a great banjo player.  That piano would play “by itself” and that jug there is for tips.  You could even buy his “record.”


You most definitely can’t go into an old west town without a sheriff’s badge. 


The shops had all kinds of fun things in them, which is where we met this guy… just kidding.


And Alex found his childhood dream toy.


In the spirit of Thomas the Tank Engine, we rode the train.  I’d never been on one so it was quite and experience.  Loud, for one. But the scenery was pretty awesome.


We met some really neat people, include a guy who rode three trains to get to Virginia City and stay with his grandma.  He has an annual pass to ride the train we were all riding that day and he had already ridden it four times.  He asked us what we did for a living and when he found out he said, “Oh, big bucks huh?”

Oh, if only you knew man Yeah, not so much.

Then we asked him if he was going to get a job and he said he already had one.  He works at the movie theater and has a girlfriend, so he’s good.  Spends all his money to take trains up to see his grandma to ride trains and then ride a train home.  Ah, what a life.  You know what man?  I think I’d ride trains all day if I could too.  Yes Sir.

Check back later this weekend for Vikingholm… it is amazing!

Our Trip to Tahoe

June 25, 2009

IMG_0146I know I said I’d post a few pictures from Tahoe and I’m sorry it’s taken so long! We visited some amazing places, each of which will have their own post… like Virginia City (where Alex bought me my ukulele!), and Vikingsholm (a fascinating Scandinavian inspired home). The weather was wonderful for June; cool and brisk.  We only spent 5 days which was most definitely not enough.  We’ve already begun to plan future family trips there and thought about all we need to do that we weren’t able to do this time.  All the beautiful scenes could not be captured in our little canon powershot, and let’s face it, I’m no Trever Hoehne.  So without further ado, I give you… Our Trip to Tahoe:


When Debbie & Wil would come with the boys (when they were little) they would always stop at this rest stop and sit on this swing.


This is my view going up to Tahoe in the car. I couldn’t believe how blue and green everything was.  And to think that part of this beautiful place is in California?!


A beautiful pit stop we made.  You just can’t resist the beauty!  It took us 12 hours to get there, when it should have only taken 8.

IMG_0112IMG_0114Here’s a sneak peek at Virginia City:


And Vikingsholm:


Check back for more!

Oh Joy & DwellStudio Contest

June 24, 2009

Two weeks ago, Oh Joy! posted a contest with DwellStudio.  You had to pick one of the dwell items, your favorite article of clothing and pair them up.  Then Joy would select her favorite.  I, of course, took it a step further and created a Polyvore with my favorite bedding set from dwell and an entire outfit.  Mine was not picked as the winner, but I thought I’d share it with you to enjoy:

Dwell Studio Outfit by nataleelpz featuring Anthropologie shoes

Dwell Studio Outfit

DIY: Cake Platters & Chocolate Frosting

June 23, 2009

This past Wednesday was my brother-in-laws birthday. 


His fiance planned a surprise party and wanted me to make his favorite: yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I was so set on creating everything from scratch because in the past, I have had some horrible yellow cakes with chocolate frosting.  I found a sweet recipe on-line at the joy of baking and was set.  However, when it came down to it, I just didn’t have time to make it all from scratch, nor the money.  I decided on making the frosting from scratch and to stick with the Betty Crocker extra moist butter yellow cake and I would mix in a little vanilla for a better flavor. 

I originally tripled the recipe for the frosting because I was making three small round cakes, but now I’m swimming in chocolate at my house.  One and a half times should be enough.  I also added some fresh strawberries for show… well, and taste.


8 ounces of bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, chopped.

1/4 cup of cocoa powder

3/4 cup milk

1/2 cup unsalted butter, cut into pieces

3 cups powdered sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

Directions:  In a stainless steel bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, place the chopped chocolate, cocoa powder, milk, and butter.  Stir until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth.  Remove from heat and beat in, with a hand mixer or wire whisk, the powdered sugar and vanilla extract.  If the frosting is lumpy, strain through a strainer to remove any lumps (I had to do this!).  Cover and place the frosting in the refrigerator until it is firm (this may take a few hours).  Once the frosting is firm remove from refrigerator and place in your mixing bowl.  Beat the frosting for a minute or two or until it is nice and smooth and of spreading consistency.  YUM!

I was also completely set on a three tiered cake stand I saw at Michael’s, which ended up being $60.00.  So, I resorted to DIY.  I found a great idea for making a cupcake stand from Once Wed and used the same idea to create a three tiered(ish) cake stand.  And here are the fruits of my labor:


All photos by Jonna Isaac.

Who said you need to spend a fortune?! Get inspired.

Recipe: Pushing Daises Strawberry Pie

June 22, 2009

This is not your ordinary strawberry pie!  In fact, the inspiration for this pie came a recently canceled show Pushing Daisies.  Jonna, a great friend and fellow blogger of mine, made dinner for my husband and I on Friday night before we watched the series finale of Pushing Daisies.  Our dessert consisted of strawberries dipped in sour cream and rolled in brown sugar.  This might sound a little obscure but I assure you, it’s fantastic. 


Photo by Ryan Nowell

While watching Pushing Daises and eating this delectable dessert, our stomachs exclaimed, “Make it into a pie!”  And so, Jonna did.

Read all about this mouthwatering pie here. 

And drool over it here:


Photo by Jonna Issaac.

Endless Anthro Summer

June 19, 2009

Happy… Beautiful… Summery Friday Readers!

Endless Anthro Summer

Anthropologie,  just launched full swing into their Anthro Summer with swim suits galore!  I’ve been so inspired today by all the sweet swim suits, hats, bags and sandals.  Check out the new HUGE selection!

Have a great weekend.

Rustic Inspiration

June 17, 2009

I have been looking at this dress all day long.  So long in fact, I had to create and inspiration board for it.  If I were to get married again today, it would look like this:

Rustic Wedding

Things I’m Loving…

June 17, 2009


This wedding and this dress. Yeah, I know right? Thank you Once Wed.


This “love catalog” from Design*Sponge.

poetichome-perpetualanniversarygift(Design Sponge)

These “forget me knots” by kielmead.


This table spread from Ritzy Bee.

6a00e5503c889888330115711c47a5970b-320wi(ritsy bee)6a00e5503c889888330115711c48aa970b-320wi(risty bee)

I’m completely inspired.


June 16, 2009

I’m back! Sorry for the delay my trusty readers.  I’ve been on vacation and playing catch up with work and school, but I’m back in full swing today. 

This past week, Alex and went with the in-laws to Lake Tahoe.  I can’t wait to show you all some pictures! I won’t be able to get them up until Thursday, so please be patient.  Until then, I’ll share some pretty things I’ve found around the blogosphere while I was gone.

This DIY Centerpiece from Once Wed.


This beautiful shot from Robert Sukrachand via Grey Likes Weddings.


This tutorial by Bakerella via Twig and Thistle.


This French Dinner from Sunday Suppers.


These images from Martha Stewart Weddings Via Once Wed.


What’s new in the blogosphere for you?  Get Inspired.