Decorating Tips

This past Memorial Day weekend, Alex and I helped my mom and dad repaint their living room/kitchen area.  My mom has struggled over the past few years trying to accomplish a warm and inviting living area while maintaining a clean, fresh looking household of four children.  Well this past weekend consisted of getting inspired, finding the vision, grasping the concepts, picking the colors, pick the items and execution:

1. Get inspired- What do you want the room to look like?  Find pictures, color swatches, and put together a collage. You could always use Polyvore!


2. Find the vision  – Take pictures of every item in the room(s).  Anything from the couch to the ceiling fan.  Use the photos as part of your collage.  Assess everything you have and try the pieces out in your “virtual room”.


3. Grasp the concept – Empty everything out of the room (everything!). Starting with a blank slate is the best way to grasp the concept of what you’re trying to accomplish.


4. Pick the colors – Along with your collage, pick colors that support your vision.  A splash of color here balanced with a nice neutral really makes a statement and can change the focus of a room.


5. Pick the items – Using your virtual room, assess what is missing.  Look on-line to find items that will accent your vision and complete the room.


6. Execute – Start with the paint, move in the big furniture, and minimize your accesories to those that fit within the vision.


What room will you choose to get inspired in?


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2 Responses to “Decorating Tips”

  1. Alex The Husband Says:

    Good Points Nat! That weekend warrior project sure turned out good!

    P.S. I want that empty living room in picture 3!

  2. natlpz Says:

    Uh, yes please. That bay window is to DIE FOR!

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